martedì 21 febbraio 2012

uk- North london Dalston Anti eviction squats saved by the people

Anti eviction at work, squats saved by the people. Early Friday morning, police and bailiffs turned up to evict a row of squatted houses in Dalston lane, but luckily the anti eviction squad was out, in numbers this time with over 60 people blocking the road and lining the rooftop.

As the morning progressed with music, sandwiches and the barking of a dog, the police and bailiffs were helpless bystanders, who finally agreed they would leave on the condition that the ‘fuck the Olympics banner was removed because its a bit rude, as the people on the roof top laughingly refused, the police drove away morally defeated.

In this time of uncertain squatting future, people are standing up in solidarity to house each other, at a real grass roots level.

A lovely morning, and houses saved.

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