venerdì 31 dicembre 2010

giovedì 30 dicembre 2010

New Year eve Outside Koridallos Prison in Athens-Greece

From the prisoners in the prisons of Georgia that started the biggest mobilization in the history of N. America, to the imrisoned Palestinian fighters.
From the imrisoned Chilean anarchists and the revolts in the prisons of San Miguel, Antofagasta, El Manzano etc, to the fires in the flat-roofs of the prisons Malandrinou.
From the hunger strikes in the white cells in Turkey, to the "terrorists" that were tortured in the hellholes of Guantanamo.
From the thousands of immigrants in prisons and in concentration camps, to the addict prisoners that are cramed in the cells of "welfare state".
With dozens of fighters locked u in the Greek prisons and with the recent mass mobilizations around the country (with abstention from rison food and hunger strikes).

. the common struggle inside and outside the walls continues
until the destruction of every prison and system that gives birth to it ...

solidarity goes beyond walls,
through bars, beyond borders


new years eve
31/12/1 11.30pm
on the park on Gr.Lambraki street


ANN and PAT on AIR


mercoledì 29 dicembre 2010

29 december 2010 Remblesham Forest UFO Noise Night

An experimental evening of psychic espionage training, mind control, brain washing,
alien and inter-planetary communication, out of body experiences, and
extra-terrestrial noise.
Uneathing and exploring the myths, fantasy, reality and occult military tactics inspired from the 1980 UFO Incident in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk.
Your practioners and instructors for this night:

@ Ronnies Bar, Mc Gintys, Ipswich Suffolk uk
Free Entry from 7.30pm

sabato 25 dicembre 2010

28th December Dissident Island @ LARC Whitechapel London


Yep. That's right. You read correctly the first time...

Dissident Island is hosting an all-you-can-drink, karaoke extravaganza this
coming bank holiday Tuesday, 28 December, especially for all you folks stuck in
London between Xmas and NYE with nothing better to do than get riotous with a
mic in one hand and a plastic cup full of mystery punch in the other.

what?   karaoke, punch, fire (in the stove)
where?  LARC, 62 Fieldgate St, close to Whitechapel and Aldgate East tubes
when?   Tuesday, 28 December, 8pm+
bring?  yourself, your friends...

...and if you're ambitious, that backing track to that special song you always
sing in the shower.*

It'll be super cheap and all money will go towards the upkeep and maintenance
of the wonderful resource that is LARC.


*send us an email (dissidentisland[at]riseup[dot]net) if you have a particular
track/tracks in mind and we'll do our best to find it for ya'.

26 DEcember INTERNATIONAL PIZZA PUNK DAY 2010 @ Camberwell Squat London

Free Entry
Bring raw ingredients for the making of vegan pizzas....Pizza bases and sauce proveded, just bring
toppings (onions, garlic, mushrooms, etc.etc.)

from 5pm

venerdì 24 dicembre 2010

sabato 18 dicembre 2010

20th December March of Resistance to Education & Public Sector Cuts

The date is fixed on the 20th of December, so everyone come down to London. We meet at Piccadilly Circus at 12:00 and then we are going through the central London streets, where the police will find it difficult to kettle us.

mercoledì 15 dicembre 2010

17 December CONTRO LA PSICHIATRIA Night @ Spazio ANarchico 76 Napoli Italy

17 December Cena Benefit for Prisoners @ Panico Squat Firenze Italy

17th DEcember ANTIFA Poland Benefit Night @ Arsenal Squat LOndon 8pm

The battle against the far right in Poland is becoming more and more
intense . During the last few years Anti-fascist movement in Poland have
achieved big progress and managed to become something more than just
simply a street force opposing fascist scum in Polish cities. We
organise gigs, meetings, demonstrations, we publish a paper and print
tons of Anti-fascist propaganda like stickers and posters. Unfortunately
our enemies don't sleep. In certain cities level of nazi activity is
growing and its in turn resisted hard by commited local Anti-fascist
groups. Due to our successes militants face increasing level of state
repression as police is finally catching up with our progress and doing
it often with great enthusiasm.
For years we managed to be successful largely due to big international
support from our comrades around the world. We continuously need help in
order to carry on our struggle against often overwhelming odds. Every
penny we get helps to improve our effectiveness by enabling us to spread
our message wide with printed materials, strike fascist scum even harder
and provide good legal help for all comrades facing repression as a
result of their actions.

If you think you can help, contact us at:

Our Rules of Engagement:

- fighting fascism under any disguise and in every part of life: point
that is sef-explanatory. Doesn't matter if they are nazi skinheads,
"elite" from blood&honour, Polish fascists such as NOP or ONR, pagan
shitheads from Niklot or other kind of right wing, homophobic and racist
scum they are all our enemy and a target.

- against any sort of discrimination: while fighting groups representing
those ideas, discrimination should be also confronted in our own

- ideological and physical confrontation: it means fighting on two
levels. Fascists can never win control over streets, thats why physical
confrontation is inevitable and neccessary, but its a mistake to
concentrate only on this, forgetting about ideological struggle.
Fascisms breeds often where no body gave better alternatives for the
people and thats why they turned towards far right ideology. Countering
their propaganda is as important as physical struggle.

- ABSOLUTELY NO CO-OPERATION police and secret services: this
institutions are always our enemy and we cannot be fooled when they are
arresting nazis, because next day it can be us. 100% ACAB!

- No co-operation with political parties: for them anti-fascism is only
a fashionable slogan, bandwagon on which they can jump to get more
influence. When shit hits the fan, they are nowhere around.

- Authoritarian left is not an ally: all sorts of Lenin followers,
communists and pro-state socialists never were and never will be on our
side. For them anti-fascism is a disguise in struggle for power and from
the history we can learn how communist's allies end up when they are no
longer needed.

- no activity of fascists can stay without reaction: you will leave them
once, they will keep coming... - every group acts in full autonomy,
without structures from above: there is no central committee, every
antifa group acts as it sees fit, following only general rules.

- defense of our own people from the repression: militant anti-fascism
is not a game. Lots of our activities might break the law and you should
bear in mind legal consequences. Every person taking part in actions
must know, that he/she has all sort of help and unconditional solidarity

17th December Hard Skin and more live at the GRosvenor Stockwell LOndon