lunedì 31 maggio 2010

June 3-4-5- WROCLAW PUNX PIK NIK Wroclaw Poland

June 1 and 2 XENO FEST Ateneo Squat Roma-italy

June 2010 PsEee PsEee Newsletter

PsEee PsEee Newsletter June 2010
@periodical @social
for contact

for watch this newsletter you can as well check on Forum under Disco Delirium Adventures


In spite of my disapproval of commercial events, this newsletter include events in such places.
But here in London and non the amount of squatted places that organize events is seriously dropping.

At the same address you can contact IL SEME Distro Mobil Squad;
Il Seme is a 20 years old distribution of books, pamphlets, zine, magazine, music and other.
As well Armed Joy Records.

It’s out ACT FOR RAGE! 2 International Compilation Benefit For Anarchist Prisoners. 76 min. with:
-Sswiissh-I Vermi-Kalashnikov-Tear Me Down-Bandiera Dell’Odio-Death Before Work-Cibo-Anxtv
-La Quiete-Zustissia Mala(it)-Sangre-Fleas And Lice(nl)-Ethnopaire-Vomit For Breakfast-Otaku Party
-Geyser(fr)-Hello Bastards-The Joan Od Arc Family-Ethnamorte-Whole In The Head-State Of Urgency
-Ruthless(uk)-A/Narcolepsia(Venezuela)-Nulla Osta(hr)-Pack(ch)-Suckinim Baenaim (Israel)
-Julith Krishun(de)-Easpa Measa(eire)-Afterbirth(Scotland)-Cop De Fona-No Conforme(es)-Rakkaus(fi)
It’s still disponible ACT FOR RAGE! Volume 1.

Soon new Act For Rage! 3.

--ELEPHANT Editions; BM Elephant. London uk WC1N 3XX

Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street E1 7QX London (upstairs the Freedom Bookshop)
Phone: 020 32 16 00 99
(open hours-Monday to Friday 2pm to 6pm)

--Info on Practical Squatting Evenings;
1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Pogo Café (76a Clarence Rd. Hackney)
2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at the 56a Infoshop 7pm to 8pm

--DEATH DROP Squat; 58 Stewarts Road, SW8 4DE London (near Vauxhall station)
bus n. 344-76-86-
--56a INFOSHOP; 56a Crampton Street, Elephant & Castle SE17 London
(open hours; wed.3 to 7pm thur-2 to 8pm fri-3 to 7pm sat. 2 to 6pm)
--ILL FM; Internet Radio: streams every Thursday 20:00 to 00:00 GMT and every
Tuesday 20:00 to 22:00. Connect to stream and listen to archives at Enquires/bookings
--I DON’T BELIEVE IT’S RANDOM; Is a new London Experimental/Noise Night
for more infos and contact
--POISONING THE WAVES Radioshow; Every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm on Two hours of Chaos & Anarchy, Angry News & Punk,
Crust D-Beat etc.etc. YOU’D BETTER GET TUNED!
--MAD CHAOS DISEASE; It’s a D.I.Y. @/crust/punk distribution & promoter in
London. For contact
--WIRELESSFM; DO WE CARE? DO WE FUCK! London online Radio.
--T.A.A. (Temporary Autonomous Art)
--NOISE=NOISE; from Ryan; I organize Noise=Noise which is an irregular noise
and experimental event based in u.k., specialisin in live noise performance,
power electronics, hacked hardwave, softwave, diy electrics, ritual noise.
Noise=Noise has been in the airwaves, pub cellars, town hall, squats, churches
And through telluric corrents.
--LARC; 62 Fieldgate Street Whitechapel E1 1ES London
phone 020 73 77 90 88
--UNCUT FM; (the station has come about through the work
of London sound systems, squatters and people involved in D.I.Y. culture.
Uncut FM district from other station in that it is strictly non for profit.
We don’t run any commercial advertisements……..
--ANTAGONY; One time a month Antagony Club London
--THE MORGUE Squat;122 Dalston Lane London
(every Sunday night vegan café and cinema night)

London’s InfosParty
--HEADLIGHT FUCKERY; 07 092 89 81 51
--N.F.A.; 07 092 81 22 59
--HEKATE; 07 092 01 76 67
--PITCHLESS; 07 946 83 97 75
--Rupture Newsletter;


29.09 to 06.05-Gascoigne uktour
20 to 10.06-Masakari eurotour
29/30/31 & 01/02.06-Festival Sociale delle Culture Antifasciste
31 to 06.06-Villette Sonique festival Paris-fr

--Dancity festival
--Footworxx summer edition Ostende-be
--Suburbia festival
--London Underground Comics
01-Extreme festival at the C.S.A. Dordoni Cremona-it
01 to 06-European Week Of Action Against The Deportation Machine
01-R909 Chapter MI vol.2 Milano-it
01 to 24-Sand Creek Massacre (dutch punk/crust) eurotour
01/02-Xeno festival Resistenza Punk-HC at the Ateneo Libertario Squat Roma-it
02-Wolf Eyes-Birds Of Delay-Spoils & Relics live at the Plan B 418 Brixton Roa-Brixton-london SW9 7AY
02-Club Integral at the Café Oto-london
02-Special Trash Party Essen-de
02 to 05-T.A.A. (Temporary Autonomous Art) London
02 to 15.07-Terror Bird eurotour
03-Ill FM Night at the Other Gallery 6-8 Manor Rd. Stoke Newington London
-Jurgen-Eva 3-Sz Berelin-Memento Mori
03-Fuzz Orchestra-Common Defection Problems-The Yes Man live at the 93 Feet-London
03-Palm-Armed Response Unit-Constant State Of Terror live at the Windmill Brixton London
03-D.I.Y Eckladen Fest Dresden-de
03-Solar Pulse Fest Maribor-si
03/04/05-Wroclaw Punx Piknik at the Wagenburg Breslaw-Wroclaw-pl
03/04/05-Zguen Fest
03 to 06-Radio Blackout Fest 2010 Torino-it
03 to 07-Scream At The Sun Fest (hc/punk) Bordeaux
03 to 13-Tek Grabinski Photography and Print Exhibition at the Candid Arts Gallery
3-5 Torrens Street Angel-London EC1V 1NQ
03 to 20-Magrudergrind eurotour
03 to 02.07-Ursus eurotour
04-Fuzz Orchestra-Common Defection Problems-Monkey Island live at the Royal Sovereign-London
04-Magrudergrind-Mob Rules-Sex Dungeon live at the Grosvenor London
04-Fucked By Thieves & morte live in London
04-Enduser-Raxyor-Tech Diff-Babyshaker and more live in London
04-Gig at The Muse Gallery London
04-Scream at the Sun Fest Bordeaux-fr (hc/punk)
04-HC Punk open air Erfurt-de
04-Machine Beats Nordrhein-de
04-Taftea festivalen (hc/punk) Umea-se
04-Glastonwick festival (punk) Shoreham-uk
04-La Rue Remue Wasselone(68)-fr
04/05-Antifa Fest 2010 Gottingen-de
04/05-Dance Tonight Fest (hc/punk) Ungdommenshus-Fredericia-dk
04/05-Taftea festivalen (hc/punk) Taftea-se
04/05-Tvrdjava Kastel Gig Banja Luka
04/05-Metalliaurinko festival (hc/punk) Harjavalta-fi
04/05/06-Helsinki Punk Fest Helsinki-fi
04/05/06-The Caravan festival in Jena-de
04/05/06-Brutti Caratteri 6 Verona-it
04/05/06-Protzen Open Air Protzen-de
05-Sweden Anarchist Bookfair Stockholm-se
05-National Anti Hunt Sabs benefit gig at the Conway Hall-London
05-Warehouse Rave Party London
05-The On Sees and Brilliant Colours live at the Luminaire-Kilburn-London
05-Yardcore Night London
05-Fight Back Fest (hc/punk) Ortosonico-Pavia-it
05-Think Now festival (hc/punk) Stuttgart-de
05-Bevrijding festival Wageningen-nl
05-Gara di Batterie Elettroniche at the Baraonda-Segrate-Milano-it
05-Liberty-3 Chord Badger and more live in London
05-One Day Fest (hc/punk) at the Stupf Hannover-de
05-Munster Breakout II Munster-de
05-Pandamonium II festival (hc/punk) Koper-si
05-F.O.A.D. Thrashcore Night at the C.S.A. Dordoni-Cramona-it
05-Taprischer Fest (hc/punk) Clamecy(89)-fr
05-Carpe Noctem vol.3 Brno-cz
05-Transbordeur festival Lyon-fr
05-Villette Sonique Paris-fr
05-Rumoer Fest 10 (hc/punk) Sevenum-nl
05-Kiehhool outdoor Fest (hc/punk) Burgum-nl
05-Full Metal XII Fribourg-ch
05-Heteroclites festival Saint Lo(50)-fr
05-Satisfaxion festival Seville-es
05-Kulturwerk 118 Gig Zurich-ch
05-Born on the Ashes from the Free Edge Fest (hc/punk) Bordeaux-fr
05-M To The V Fest
05-Larks all day event! At Campsea Ashe Victory Hall near Woodbridge-uk
05-Pyrenean Guttural Fest Andorra La Vella-es
05-Hacking The Machine nl
05-Bringer Of The Black Dawn Fest Braga-pt
05-Musikkens Dag Oslo-no
05-Rock Auf Gut Dunkelfeld part IV Nordenham-de
05-Punk Open Air AJZ Neubrandenburg-de
05-Now Future Fest Marseille-fr
05-Sabot°Tage Berlin-de
05-Know Your Rights festival (hc/punk) C.S.O.A. Zapata-Genova-it
05-Atomsmasher Fest (punk) Grobenhain-de
05-Rural des Oreilles Cuites festival Saint Romain de Surrieu-fr
05-Reclaim Your Brain Glauchau-de
05-Harrie Fest (hc/grind) Zwolle-nl
05-One Day Fest Hannover-de
05/06-AJZ Leisnig DIY Fest Leisnig-de
05/06-Rottura Del Silenzio Fest 2010 San Martino Di Secchia-Modena-it
06-Xiu Xiu live at the Plan B (418 Brixton Rd. Brixton London)
06-Gogol Bordello live Finsbury Park London
06-Anni Hoya live at the Ship of Fools club-London
06-Robert Logan-Arq-52 Commercial Road live at the George Tavern-Commercial Road Shadwel-London
06-Helsinki Punk Fest vol.2 Helsinki-fi
06-Ultra Hardcore Sektfruhstuck Flensburg-de
06-Alien festival Nantes-fr
06-Gideon festival (hc/punk) Groningen-nl
06-Strie Dent Fest Marseille-fr
06-Soutien au Furia Sound festival Cergy(95)-fr
07-Gig at the Boat Ting London
08-Midweek session at the Macbeth-Hoxton-London
08-Vale festival Birmingham-uk alldayer
08-Loma Prieta start eurotour
08 to 15.07-Imadethismistake eurotour
09-Total Abuse-Diet Pills-Biff Tannen-Woolf live in London
09-Manatees-Palehorse-At A Crawl live at the Unicorn London free gig
09-Free Gig at the Macbeth-Hoxton London with –Black Mania Beach Parade-The Spivs-Thrush Metal.
09-Miodi Fest near Milano-it
10-Jonah Matranga and more live at the Barfly-London
10-The Black Atlantic-Rue Royale live at the Slaughtered Lamb London
10-V. Vegen Van fesztival Siklos-hu
10/11/12-New Direction festival (hc/punk) Herrenberg (near Stuttgart)-de
10/11/12-Death Feast Open Air Hunxe-de
10 to 13-Be Part Fest 2010 (hc/punk) Stuttgart-de
10 to 27-Totalickers eurotour
11-Schultz live in London
11-Korrazao & more live at the Grosvenor-Stockwell-London
11-Blessure Grave and other tba live at the Windmill-Brixton-London
11-Goodbye:Mankind Fest (hc/punk) Bologna-it
11-Bolton Punx Picnic Bolton-uk
11-Abracada Son Micromant Du Guyenne-fr
11-Au Card De Tours! Festival Tours-fr
11-Punk festival near Nancy-fr
11-Rockness festival Loch Ness-scotland
11-Contre Temps festival Strasboug-fr
11-Danny Lester Fest (hc/punk)
11/12-Punk Illegal festival sweden (hc/punk)
11/12-Aaargh festival (hc/grind/death) Leutkirch im Allgau-de
11/12-5 Jahre Gerilja festival de
11/12-Natura Contaminata 3 (hc/punk) Fienile Contaminato-Grezzana-it
11/12/13-Dark Place festival Tutow-de
11 to 03.07-Torched By Nausea (hc/punk from South Africa) eurotour.
11 to 08.08-Korrazao (from brazil) eurotour
12-Demonstration Alberto Adriano von Naziss Ermordet Dessau-de
12-Roger Rotor live at the Slimelight London
12-Concrete Sox-Social Schism-Flowers Of Flesh And Blood live at the Grosvenor
17 Sydnei Road-Stockwell-london
12-AOS3 and more live at the New Cross Inn Deptford-london
12-Ultralyd-Noxagt live il London
12-festival of Sin london
12-Blessure Grave-Hype Williams-Sealings live in London
12-Neil Sutherland & friends-Imadethismistake-Athens Polytechnic
live at the Windmill Brixton London
12-Jak Hovado Fest (hc/punk) Zruc nad Sazavov-cz
12-Burning Beats Factory Party Brno-cz
12-Montagood festival 2010 Lleida-es
12-Verona HC Fest n. 3 (hc/punk) Verona-it
12-Master Of Grind festival Torino-it
12-Club 70 festival (hc/punk) Bermaringen-de
12-IMI festival (punk) Brand Erbisdorf-de
12-Electro Clique festival Besancon-fr
12-Svedstadt Fest Karlsruhe-de
12-KJHR9 Open Air Geithain-Sachsen-de
12-B-Sides festival Lausanne-ch
12-Kalvaire Fest (hc/punk) Dunkerque-fr
12-JZ Riot Sommerfest (hc/punk) Lichtenstein-de
12-Electro-Clique festival Besancon-fr
12-Pallasit Fest (hc/punk) Zruc nad Sazavou-cz
12-New Direction Fest (hc/punk) Herrenberg near Stuttgart-de
12-Electrode festival C.S.O.A. Forte Prenestino-Roma-it
12-Never Going Old festival Nunchiritz-de
12-Fusion festival Cottbus-de
12-Crusade festival Sillian-at
12-Heinrock 2010 Lutschenbach-de
12-Hard In Aktie Arinhem-nl
12-Darkroom Parties Southsea-uk
12-Seconde Nature festival Aix en Provence(13)-fr
12-Industrial Copera Granada-es
12-Roter Stern Leipzig-de
12-Tek Party with Beat Kouple and more Mognano Veneto (near Treviso)-it
12-Fast On Frightening Fest (hc/grind) Leitersdorf-at
12/13.Villa Vegan Squat festival 12 years anniversary Villa Squat Milano-it
13-Stig Noise-Barberos live at the Cafe Oto-Dalston London
13-P.P Dog and more live at the Hope & Anchor-Upper Street-Islington-London
13.Chaos Fest (punk) Paris-fr
13-HellFest Clisson-fr
13-Destroyer Metal festival Belforte del Chienti-Macerata-it
13-Gara Batterie Elettroniche Segrate (near Milano)-it
14 to 05.07-Rosvita eurotour
15-Pierre Ome and more live at the Windmill-Brixton-London
15-Twittering Machines IV at the Café Oto London
15 to 18.09-Future Ruins (ex Massmord) eurotour
16-festival of Sin london
16-Mouth-Closure-Attack Vipers! live in Kingston-uk
16-Francofolies festival La Rochelle-fr
16/17-Xposed 2010 International Queer Short Film festival Berlin-de
17-Skat Injector live at the Other Gallery 6-8 Manor Rd. Stoke Newington London
17-Ladyscraper and more live at the Gramophone-Commercial Street-London
17-Weedeater-Saviours-Black Cobra live at the Underworld London
17-West Cost Riot festival (punk) Goteborg-se
17/18/19-Vicious Soul festival Bordeaux
17 to 20-EUROPEAN SQUAT MEETING Barcelona-es
17 to 20-Crack 2010 Forte Prenestino-Roma-it
17 to 20-Trash Fest
17 to 20-miniuktour for Power Is Poison (dutch squatters band)
17 to 31.07-Ramming Speed eurotour
18-Skinny Puppy live at the Forum London
18-Headjam-Guarapita-Defcon Zero-The Kadt live at the Grosvenor-Stockwell-london
18-Transmitter festival Hohenems-de
18-Dark Noise Association night Kassel-de
18-Provinsi Rock festival Provinsi-fi
18-Celie festival (hc/punk) Celje-si
18-Liveland festival Bucharest-ro
18-Les Invites festival Villeurbanne(69)-fr
18-Umsonst und Draussen festival Wurzburg-de
18-Patomes festival Madrid
18-XXX Riga-lv
18/19-Jahrest festival (hc/punk) at the Reil 78 Halle-de
18/19-Sirem Punx Picnic Sirem u Blsan-cz (hc/punk)
18/19-OK Fest Caramagna-Cuneo-it
18/19/20-NO Fest! Torino-it
18/19/20-Hell Fest open air
18 to 21- Crack festival Komik festival Roma-it
18 to 21-Trash Fest 2010 Steenwijk-nl
18 to 03.07-Dolcin eurotour
19-Meltdown festival London
19-Paradise Gardens festival London
19-Hardcore World Cup 2010 Zaandam-nl
19-Dysrhythmia and more live at the Luminaire-london
19-3rd Party London
19-Rosvita Live Rip This Joint London
19-Thrashcoreball 6 Ludwigsfelde-de
19-HC Punk Fest Podacely-cz
19-Umsonst & Draussen festival Marbach-de
19-Hardcore World Cup Zaandam-nl
19-Trouble Fest Milano-it
19-Drogons For Europe and more live at the Grosvenor-Stockwell-london
19-Magick Musick 2010 Cermna u Susice-cz
19-Bagdad Mosh festival Cadca Kysuce-sk
19-Antitrend open air Zabcice-cz
19-Magic Muzic Fest Deverova Chyba
19-Moss Punk Rock festival Moss-no
19-7 Point open air (hc/punk) Elxleben
19-Punk’n’Roll festival Kohta Nomme Estonia
19-Summer Blast Trier-de
19-Chapel festival Cestas-fr
19-Schlagstrom! Berlin
19-P.o.r.n. nl
19-Sabot°Tage Berlin
19-Goju Fest 2010 nl
19-Transmitter festival Hohenems-at
19-Liveland festival Open Air Bucharesti-ro
19-Distru festival Roma-it
20-Al Thawra-Atomck-Winters In Osaka-Koresh-Jamiz live at the Other Gallery London
20-Stellar Om Source live in London (start euro tour)
20-Armed Response Unit-Flowers Of Flesh And Blood live at the Grosvenor Stockwell London
20-GaBle’ and more live in London
20-Glastonferrent festival Preston-uk
21-Summer Solstice
21-festival de la Zika (hc/punk) Besancos-fr
21-Divadelni festival (hc/punk) Hradec Kralove-cz
21-The Psyrates Noise Party Dijon-fr
21 to 28-Suburbia festival
22-Summer Party Villa Vegan Squat Milano-it
22 to 10.07-Throats uktour
22 TO 11.07-Hammers eurotour
23-Feel Their Pain Fest (hc/punk) C.S.O.A. RDA Mayday-La Spezia-it
23-Day Of The Droids 22 Barcelona-es
23 to 27-Les Siestas Electroniques
24-Rosvita live London private house
24/25/26-10 Years of Grind The Nazi Scum Torgau-de
24/25/26-Waldbrand open air festival Helmstedt-de
24 to 27-Fusion festival Larz-de
25-Flowers Of Flesh And Blood and more live at the Grosvenor-Stockwell London
25-Punk vs. Gesellschaft Open Air Schleiz-Thuringen-de
25-Ferment festival Nowy Targ-pl
25-EKH Hoffest Wien-at
25-Blatensky Fest 2010 open air (hc/punk) Blatna’-cz
25-Geheimer festival somewhere over the raimbow germany
25-Day of the Droids XXIII Barcelona-es
25-Ayowaawaaah festival Wingst-de
25-Mach One festival Montabaur-de
25/26-Cry Me A River festival 10 years anniversary (hc/punk)
25/26-Ferment Fest Nowy Targ-pl
25/26-Infest-Azione festival (hc/punk) Mezcal Squat Collegno (NEAR Torino)-it
25/26-Bizou Fest (hc/punk) Pouzauges-fr
25/26-Soundfeer 2010 Ostrovec Varvazov-cz
25/26-Disintegrate Your Ignorance Fest 3 nera Treviso-it
25/26/27-Nottingham Punx Picnic Nottingham-uk
25/26/27-Pest Fest (hc/punk) Hamburg-de
25/26/27-Gothic festival 2010 Weregen-be
25/26/27-Sila festival 2010 Villaggio Mancuso-Catanzaro-it
more info
25/26/27-Northampton Punx Picnic Northampton-uk
25/26/27-Fusion festival Larz-de
25 to 23.07-Comadre and Punch eurotour
26-P.A.L. live at the Slimelight London
26-Stellar Om Source-Dolphin Into The Future-Hype Williams
live at the Grosvenor-Stockwell-London
26-D.I.Y. open air festival (hc/punk) Grodno-belarus
26-7 Chiavi festival (hc/punk) Trento-it
26-Ultra Chaos Piknik (hc/punk) Zelebsko Kolo Bilgoroja-pl
26-New Noise Fest (hc/punk) Karlsruhe-de
26-Loco Loco Fest (hc/punk) Merchtem
26-Occii Benefit Fest Amsterdam-nl
26-Out Of The Streets open air Grodno-belarus
26-New Noise Attack Old Angel-Nottingham-uk (hc/punk)
26-Merryhuana Fest Kacabaja Hodoslarice-cz
26-Stadtbad Wedding Berlin-de
26-Chaos Fest (punk) Paris-fr
26-Parricide 20th Years Anniversary Show Chelm-pl
26-Decibulles festival Neuve Eglise-fr
26-Etropolis festival Berlin-de
26-HC alldayer Newcastle-uk
26-Helvete Fest 2010 vol VI Lucenec-sk
26-Industrial Madness Minsk-belarus
26-Awakenings festival Amsterdam-nl
26-Garocin Fest Stupsk-pl
26-Vainstream festival Dortmund-de
26-Kult festival (hc/punk) Ruit-de
26-wRadku festival 2010 Raciborz-si
26-Gods Of Metal at the Parco della Certosa-Collegno-Torino-it
26-Ewoking Txala Fest Torello-Barcelona-es
26-Technolove Ciudad Real-es
26-Secret Garden festival Hannover-de
26/27-Regensburger Gothic Treffen Regensburger-de
27-Sommer Fest werk II Leipzig
27-Alarm festival Ohrid-macedonia (hc/punk)
27/28-All Schools Fest (hc/punk)
28 to 01.08-Archagatus eurotour
29 to 02.07-Ramming Speed in uktour
30-Throats-the JCQ-Last Witness-Levotchkin live at the Old Blue Last-London Free Gig
30-Highfoundation Fest Ferrara-it
30-FWH Fest Aachen-de

--Summer Of Hate Czech r.
--Pannone HC Punk Festival near Rovereto-Trento-it
--Zarata Fest Bilbao-Bask Country
--Free Fest (hc/punk) Budapest-hu
--Arm Your Desire Greece
--EKH Haus & Hoffest EKH Wien-at
--Fuck Parade 2010 Berlin-de
--Orxata Fest (hc/punk/crust) Valencia-es
--Distortion Rurale
--DB Eauze festival
--Dungeon Openair
--Radio Inferno festival St.Petersburg-ru
--Festv’Art Amiens-fr
--Death Before Dishonor euro tour
--Social Chaos (hc/crust from brazil) eurotour
--Ampere (ex Orchid) eurogigs
--Oxidised Razor (hc/grind from mexico) euro tour
--Iron Lung in europe
01-Free Gig at the Birds Next-Deptford London with:-The Apostates-Stand Out Riot-Kickback uk
01-Tard T’Art festival Orleans-fr
01 to 06-Catheter uk tour
01 to 17-Catheter euro tour
02-Guillotines live in London
02-With Full Force festival (hc/punk) Roitzschjova
02-festival du Gibloux Frobourg-de
02-Karolina festival (hc/punk) Steken-cz
02-Telford Free Punk & Ska festival Telford-uk
02-Pflegnof open air (hc/punk) Langenau-de
02-Eurockness festival Belfort
02-Detox Fest Mechanik Gdansk-pl
02-Reload festival Twistringen-de
02-Free Open Air Werkstatt Mucheln-de
02-Beau Regard festival Herouville(14)-fr
02-Hollentanz Special Newcorner festival Bochum-de
02/03-Unirock festival Istambul-turkey
02/03-Under The Black Sun festival Berlin-de
02 to 18-Sangre eurotour
02/03/04-Avantgarde festival Schiphorst-de
02/03/04-Packebusch festival 2010 (hc/punk)
02/03/04-Tago Fest 2010 Massa Carrara-it
02 to 16-Harold Shitmat uktour
03-The Braindrop Robo-Pirate Boat Rave London
03-Divine Spark Fast Or Die Fest (hc/punk) Luxenbourg
03-Dead End Records Fest (hc/punk) Derby-uk
03-No Nation No Border Fest! (hc/punk) Wurzburg-de
03-Hard Park festival 002 Caserta-it
03-Ground Zero Holland Bussloo-nl
03-Familientreffen VI Sandersleben
03-Sklab festival Trbovje-si
03-Hassaka Pairat DIY Punk/HC festival Oulu-fi
03-Z’ev-Nico Vascellari-Pslayer live in Milano-it secret location
03-HC Punk Fest Vranov nad Toplou-sk
03-D’Espigoule festival Espigoiule-fr
03-Mac One festival Lyon-fr
03-Assomiak festival St. Cadou(29)-fr
03-Ralenthless Hardcore 2010 Bristol-uk
03-Garforth Arts festival Garforth-uk
03-WB13 open air Berlin
03-Sklab Fest Vinica-si
03-D’Espigoule festival Espigoule-fr
03-Massey Fergusound Fest Briec-fr
03-Le Murmure Du Son festival Eu(76)-fr
03-Wer Traut Sich?! Wagenplatz-Koln-de
03-Nas De Guit festival Vieux-Boucau-fr
03-Rockrama festival Toulon-fr
03-Metalshow festival Riga-lv
03-Sil festival Griechenberg-no
03/04-Fresh Weekend festival La Coruna-es
03/04-Benefit Weekend voor Het Zwarte Water (hc/punk) Zwolle-nl
03/04-25eme festival du Gibloux
03 to 10-Art Shake festival Roma-it
03 to 10-X Harold Shitman X in uktour
04-Family Man (hc/punk from Berlin) live in London
04-Gideon festival (hc/punk) Groningen-nl
04-Catheter and more live in London
04-Sans Pareill-Clinker-Arc Generator
live at the George Tavern-Commercial Rd-Shadwell-London
04-Metropolis festival Rotterdam-nl
04-Muskelrock Sweden
04-Beat Herder festival (punk) Ribble Valley-Lancashire-uk
05-Zun Zun Egui and more live in London
05-East Punk Invasion Hamburg-de
05/06-Tunsberg Medieval festival Tonsberg-no
05 to 11-Experyment festival Zbasyn-pl
06-Forfeit-Powler-Ninebar and more live at the Grosvenor-Stockwell-London
06-Lent festival (hc/punk) Maribor-si
06-Drinking and Driving Highway
06-Broken Teeth-Forfiet live at the Grosvenor-Stockwell-London
07-MiMi festival Marseille-fr
07 to 18-Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp uktour
08-Rock Maraton Malomvolgy-Malomvolgy Valley-hu
08/09/10-Moonlight festival Fano-it
08 to 11-Exist festival Novi Sad-serbia
08 to 11-Lumous Gothic festival Tampere-fi
09-Brum somewhere! Brum-uk
09-The Atrocity Exhibit-Kunt Puncher-Nebukadnezza & more live at the Unicorn-Camden Rd.-London
Free Gig
09-Du Bord De Seze festival Ambroix-fr
09-Subculture festival (hc/punk) Cottbus-de
09-Interkonnect Night Bolton-uk
09-Copy Fest 4 Pavillions Sauvages-Toulouse-fr
09-Betes De Scene festival Mulhouse(67)-fr
09-Punk Rock Summer Fest Ostfildern-de
09-Creature festival Lodi-it
09-Grind The Enemy-Discarded-Constant State Of Terror and more live in Birmingham-uk
09/10-D.IY. Fest vol. 6 (hc/punk) Gdynia-pl
09/10-Copy Fest Les Pavillon Sauvage Squat-Toulouse-fr
09/10/11-Independent Voices Fest 2010 Timisoara-ro
09/10/11-Break The Silence festival hc/punk) Hamelheide-de
09/10/11-The Incredible 10 Dresden-de
09/10/11-Watts Fest Bob Watts Farm-Devon-uk
10-International Noise Conference London
10-Lycanthrophy live in London (tbc)
10-Comadre-Punch-Hammers live in London
10-Klub Motorik Night London details tba
10-Noise alldayer at the Old Blue Last London
10-Kamun Fest IV (hc/punk) Iliska Bistrica-si
10-Against The Stream festival (hc/punk) Nekor-cz
10-War & Wine Fest (hc/punk) Portsmouth-uk
10-Festiculles Culles Les Roches-fr
10-Hopla Komm festival Thal-Drulingen (near Sarrebourg)
10-Rendsburg Rockt festival Rendsburg-Kiel-de
10-Warhead festival Ustika-pl (hc/punk)
10-Leverage Of Chaos Fest (hc/punk) Lommel-be
10-Exit festival (hc/punk) Novi Sad-serbia
10-Necor festival near Padubice-cz
10-Summerbash Rosswein-de
10-Chaostraum open air Hessen-de
10-Stoned From The Underground festival Erfurt-de
10-Hell Vill festival 5 (hc/punk) Bosankany-hu
10-UzhGoreRot open air festival Uzhgorod-ukraine
10-HC Punk festival Nekor-de
10-Relentless Nass festival Roayal Bath Somerset-uk
10-Infinity festival Almere-nl
10-Ost Punk open air festival Rochlitz-de
10-Les Percussions Du Monde festival Nostang(56)-fr
10-Thrashing Mad festival 2010 Borgofranco D’Ivrea (near Torino)-it
10-Serio Rock festival Cologno al Serio (near Bergamo)-it
10-Sonosphere festival Madrid-es
11-100 Speakers show, 10 Guitars, 4 Drums
11-Bolton Punx Picnic Bolton-uk
11-Rush’n’Attack!!! Wunstort (hc/punk)
11-ATM Transmission Dresden-de
11-Wasted Freaks Antwerp-be
11-Punk Rock Open Air Sofia-bg
11/12-B-Sides festival Lausanne-ch
11/12/13-Wroclaw Punx Piknik Wroclaw-pl
12-Musicale De L’Agly festival Planezes(66)-fr
13-kID 606 and more live at the Garage-Islington-London
13-Mindtrap-Wayfever-Never Again-Abolition live at the Grosvenor-Stockwell-London
13-HC Punk festival near Thillot-fr
13-Mass Productions Fest (hc/punk) Callac-fr
13-Les Estivales du Chateau festival Chambery-fr
13-Antinational Fest (hc/punk) Vosges-fr
13-Vive Le Punk! Callac(22)-fr
13-Rigadin Fest La Rochelle-fr
13-La Maison De La Vallee festival Luz saint Sauveur-fr
14-Summer Slaughter (hc/punk) Truro-uk
14 to 30-Bloody Phoenix in eurotour
14-Morning Wood start euro tour need help
15-Dour festival Dour-be
15-Kaltenbach open air Semmering-at
15-Rayon Frais festival Tours-fr
15-Free Fest 2010 (hc/punk)
15-Creepy Teepee festival Kutna Hora-cz
15-Escales festival Vienissieux-fr
15/16/17-Obscene Extrem festival 2010 Svojsice-cz
15/16/17-Arvika festivalen near Karlstadt-se
15 to 30-Jesus Aint To Poland eurotour
16-Colours Of Ostrave festival Ostrava-cz
16-Dead Town Fest (hc/punk) Leisnig-de
16-It’s A Grindcore Birthday Party Gieszer 16 Leipzig-de g16
16-Island In The Sun Jurmo-se
16-Ilosaarirock tomina (hc/punk) Joensuu-fi
16-Sick As We Are Open Air festival (hc/punk) Zupanja-hr
16-Maitres Sonneurs festival fr
16-1 Brin de Zik St. Julien En Genevois-fr
16-Hegyalja festival Tokaj-hu
16/17-Battle of Doom and Darkness Fest 3(hc/punk) Schweinfurt-de
16/17-Mort Fest V (some places near Nantes-fr)
16/17-Sick As We Are open air (hc/punk) Zupanja-hr
16/17-Stoya festival Trondheim-no
16/17-Back To Future Fest de
16/17-10 jahre Alge e.v. am Oschersleben-de
16/17-Latitude festival Suffolk-uk
16/17/18-Jerocin festival Jerocin-pl
16/17/18-Feel Foot festival Cumbria-uk
16/17/18-Glade festival Winchester-uk
16 to 13.08 Paura eurotour
15 to 15.08-Adorno euro tour
16 to 28.08-Confronto euro tour
17-Kylesa-Converge-Gaza live at the Ulu London
17-999-Refuse/All-Rage DC-Ten On Seven live at the Gaff-Holloway Road-London
17-3rd Party London
17-Alcopopalooza at the Windmill-Brixton London
17-Open Hardcore Fest 2010 Piaseczno-pl
17-State Of The Arts Tattoo Convention Derby-uk
17-Stoy Pa Landet festival Trondheim
17-Black Way open air Holstein-de
17-Deadtown Fest Leisnig-de (hc/punk)
17-Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! Craiova-ro
17-Spaktekel festival Dorhach-de
17-Cafe Marat festival (hc/punk) Munchen-de
17-Southpunk festival Sevastopol-ukraine
17-Open Air Skate Punk festival Vlaardingen-nl
17-Feel Foot Sound festival Cumbria-northwest-uk
17-Not So Quiet Fest (hc/punk) uk
17-Monegros Desert festival Fraga (near Barcelona)
17-Swimming Pool Party! Cassado d’Adda-it
17-Reset festival Muenster-de
17-Summerrain festival (hc/punk) Bayreuth-Bayer-de
17-Chauffer dans la Noirceur Montmartin sur Mer-fr
17-K festival Saint Aigulin(17)-fr
17-Sawa Open Air Fest Zupanja-hr
17-Multicultural Fest Benadovo-sk
17-Le Choc Des Electrons Libres Carhaix-Bretagne-fr
17-Trnje festival (hc/grind) Pivka-si
17-Zwarte Cross festival Lichenvoorde-nl
17/18-festival Chauffer Dans La Noirceur Montmartin Sur Mer-fr
17/18-Burning Season Fest Rohr bei Hartberg-at (hc/punk)
18-Multicultural Ways Fest 5 Napocca-ro
18-Neverland festival Houthalen-be
18-Love Box festival London
18 to 21-Trash Fest Stoenwijk-nl
19-Sadurday’s Kids-Wonderson live in London at the Windmill-brixton
19-Lustando festival 2010 Lu Monferrato-Alessandria-it
19 to22-Spaziale festival 2010 Torino-it
21-Family Man and more live in London?
21-Relish Fest Craiova-ro (hc/punk)
22-7hz Teledildonics Dub dj set 24 hours
22-Spaziale festival Torino-it
22 to 25-International Romani Art festival Romania
22-Wolves festival Manchester-uk
22 to 25-Feestival Romania
23-Secta Rouge-Jackie Treeborn-Nitkowski live at the Unicorn Camden Rd. London free gig
23-Interferenze festival Napoli-it
23-Perspective Fest Leuven-de (hc/punk)
23-Sikelian Hell festival Castellana Sicula (near Palermo)-it
23-Perspective Fest (hc/punk) Leuven-be
23-Tuntuma Festivaali (hc/punk) Lohja-fi
23-Trammlines festival 2010 Sheffield-uk
23/24/25-Fluff Fest Pilsen-cz
23 to 26-International Romani Art festival Timisoara-ro
23 to 03.08-Agatha tour
24-Nezavisly festival 14 (hc/punk) Branisovice-cz
24-Festv’All 2010 Caposotto di Semide-Mantova-it
24-Prison Riot Summer edition II (hc/punk)
24-Terrorizer Grindhouse Durham-uk
24-1234 Free festival Shoredich Park London
24-Picnic festival Barcelona-es
24-Underwold Fest Pomezia near Roma-it
24-Mosh & Roll Fest Ungenach-at
24-48 er festival Herrenberg-de
24-Sikellian Hell Fest 2010 Passo L’Abate near Palermo-it
24-Takio Fest 2010 Suances-es
24-Techno Meeting festival Caceres-es
24-Le Bucoliche festival Sciolze (near Torino)-it
24/25-Off The Cuff festival Birmingham-uk
24/25-Amphi festival Koln-de
24/25-Hull Rock festival Hull-uk
24/25-@L Abore festival Netzschkau-de
25-GSO Party at the Gieszer 16 Leipzig-de
25-Half Die festival 2010 Roma-it
25-Beatdown By The Sea 2010 (hc/punk) Bounemouth-uk
25-Oranssi festival Helsinki-fi
25-Splash festival Ferropolis-de
25-Truck festival Oxford-uk
25-Grounded festival Darlington-uk
25-Geheimer festival de
27-Relish Fest (hc/punk) Craiova-ro
28-Taint-Manatees and more live in London
29-Carpathian and Ruiner live in London
29-Distorted Picnic D.I.Y. (hc/punk) Harlev-dk
29-Emmaboda festivalen (hc/punk) Emmaboda-se
29-Satan’s Hollows Manchester-uk
29-Les Contre Plongees festival Clermont(63)-fr
29 to 01.08-Independent Ruhr festiva
29-Resurection festival Viviero-es
29/30-Life And Death Fest 2010 (hc/punk) Dublin-eire
30-D.I.Y. Eckladen Dresden-de
30-Resurection Fest Viveiro-er (hc/punk)
30-Emmaboda festivalen (hc/punk) Emmaboda-se
30-Mosh Fest (hc/punk) Leipzig-de
30-ZOO Fest Ahytus-lt
30-Sound Attack Fest Limburg-de
30-Eisenwahn festival Obersinn
30-Lott festival Raversbeuren
30-Gothic Fest Steenwijk-nl
30-Breminale Bremen-de
30-Qstock festival Oulo-fi
30 to 06.08-Good Luck & Bangers uktour
30/31-Zvera festival Saldus-lv
30/31-Play Fast Or Don’t 2010 Hradec Kralove-cz
30/31-Puntala Rock 2010 (hc/punk) Lempaala-fi
30/31-Hippiepest Fest 4 Meuse-fr
30/31-Break Out Fest (hc/punk) Mol-be
30/31-Kippertronix Fest wales
30/31-Castle Party Bolkow-pl
30/31-Eisenwahn festival Odersin-de
30 and 01.08-3rd International Animation festival
30 to 01.08-Tuczno festival Tuczno-pl
30 to 01.08-Independent Ruhr festival 2010 Nordrhein-de
30/31/01.08-Force Attack festival 2010 (punk)
31-Punish Yourself live at the Elektrowerks-london
31-El Schlong’s-Dead Existance-Trippy Wicked-Astrohenge
live at the Unicorn-Camden Road London Free Entry
31-Lecce HC Fest (hc/punk) Lecce-it
31-Anti Fest (hc/punk) Stockholm-se
31-Occult Trance festival Oosteeklo
31-Banditos Suburbass 80kw Turbosound Lecce-it area
Infoline 327 78 55 216 380 34 48 95 01 329 04 84 158
31-Astropilis festival 2010 Brest-Bretagne-fr
31-Norberg festival Norberg-se
31-Dick Fest Highwycombe-uk
31-Roadkill festival (hc/punk) Waarschoot-be
31-HC Fest Mol-be
31-Grossmanou festival Ljutomev-si
31-Immortal Sphere festival Thun-Bern-ch
31-Au Pont Du Rock festival Malestroit-fr
31-Horizonte festival Koblenz-de
31 to 13.08-Rentokill uktour

--Belfast Anarchist Bookfair
--Kaihoro Fest Leitersdorf-de
--LAB 30 festival
--Rozz Fest Masseria Autogestita Valente-Crispiano-Taranto-it
--Twist Off festival Serravelle Pistoiese-Pistoia-it
--Fuck Leeds festival Leeds-uk
--Poke festival Bucharest-ro
--7th volume of CumBajsplit festival Chomutov Town Park free festival
--Terror Fest Sassari-Sardinia-it
--Berlin Bruit festival Berlin-de
--Rowf!Rowf!Rowf! Salford-uk www.myspacecom/rowfrowfrowf
--Sperm festival Praha-cz
--Island Of Punk festival Edinburg-scotland
--Art Factory festival Moscow-ru
--Big Fuckin Soul Kiss festival Berlin-de
--Rise Fest (hc/punk)
--Rapture Fest 2010 uk
01-Anarcho alldayer Derby-uk
01-Schengen Fest Vinica-si
01-Sonisphere festival Knebworth Park-Herts-uk
01-alldayer! At the Raimbow-Birmingham-uk
01-Bolkow Castle festival Bolkow-pl
01 to 31-dj Tendraw and the Gypsies Dog eurotour
02-Broken Spindless-Saddle Creek-Black Wav live at the Windmill Brixton London
03-A Hawk And A Hacksaw-The Family Eran live at the Cafe Oto London
03-Les Mardis de Morgat Morgat(29)Bretagne-fr
04-Summer Open Air Milano-it
04 to 09-EartFirst! Summer Gathering Derbyshire-uk
05-Stuck! Festival Salzburgat
05/06/07-Monteparadiso Hardcore Punk festival 2010 Pula-hr
05/06/07-Suck’n’Summer festival Leipzig-de
05/06/07-Fredericia Hardcore Fest dk
06-Boardmasters festival Newquacy-Gunwall-uk
06-Du Bout Du Monde festival fr
06-Szene open air Lustenau-at
06-Hevy fest Kent-uk
06-Invasion Gothenburg-se
06-Interceltique de Lorient festival Bretagne-fr
06-Vagos Open Air Vagos-pt
06/07-Kanivo Chaos festival (hc/punk) Montreal-Bourgogne-fr
06/07-Klangbad festival Wurttemberg-de
06/07-Grenz Pogo festival Philippsthal-de
06/07/08-LinzCON Spieletage Ann and Pat-Linz-at
06 to 29-The Usual Suspects in uk
06/07/08-Resist to Exist festival Berlin
07-Heavy Music festival Port Lympne Wild Animal Park-uk
07-Filled With Hate Fest (hc/punk) Essen-de
07-Grenzpogo festival Hessen-de
07-Endorse It festival Dorset-uk
07-Smilov Fest 5 (hc/punk) Smilor u Jihlavy-cz
07-Motorock festival Kosice
07-LT festival Litomenice-cz
07-Krhanice open air Krhanice-sk
07-The Rise Fest (hc/punk) Hannover-de
07-Burning Imperia Imperia-it
07-Vagos Open Air (grind) Vagos-pt
07-Mueh festival Pettenbach-at
07-H2Zone festival Lleida-es
07-Palavarama festival Salsburg-at
07/08-M’Era Luna 2010 Hildeshein-de
08-OST Mountain Fest Prahora-ro
08-Sommer Fest (hc/punk) Wunsfort-de
09-Trash Talk and more live in London
09/10-Festivaille Que Vaille! Guainville-fr
10-Oya festival Norway (hc/punk)
11-Subhumans and more live at the Underworld-london
11-Rentokoll live in London (tba)
11-Feira de Beziers Beziers-fr
12-Cruel Hand-The Carrier-Miles Away and more live in London
12-Endless Summer Open Air Torgau-de
12-Brutal Assault 2010 Jaromer
12-7 Seconds live at the Underworld-London
12-Oya festival Oslo-no
12 to 15-Moo r Music festival North Yorkshire-uk
13-Bastions-Run Walk live at the Unicorn London free entry
13-Trash Party 26 Benesov-cz
13-Robana Song festival Grandson-ch
13-Jalornetalli festival Oulu-fi
13-Moor festival Leeds-uk
13-Bloodstock Open Air Catton Hall Derby-uk
13/14-Endless Summer festival (hc/punk) Torgau-de
13/14-Yelllow Stock festival Geel Antwerp-be
13/14-Move Your Ass festival (punk) Schneverdingen-de
13/14/15-Ieper Fest 2010 Ieper-be (hc/punk)
13/14/15-Summer Darkness Utrecht-nl
13 to 01.09-Dodasken (crust/punk sweden) euro tour
13 to 19.09-Barn Burner eurotour
14-Sandblasting-Cervello Elettronico-Greyhound live at the Slimelight-London
14-Rip This Joint all dayer! At the Windmill-Brixton-London
14-Punx Picnic Linburg-de
14-Punx Picnic Mel derslo-Horst-nl
14-Midsummer Open Air (hc/punk) Halver-de
14-Trash Party 26 Benesov-cz
14-HC Punk Fest Sared-sk
14-The Black Forest Fest Birmingham-uk
14-Enfermes Dehors Aubusson(32)-fr
14-Brutal Assault XV 2010 Jaromer (old Army Fortres)-Josefor-cz
14-Kanalrock Horten-no
14-Sziget Fesztival Budapest-hu
14 to 20-Jumper festival between Sidi Ifni and Agadir-Marocco
15-Bloody Phoenix-Meinhof and more live in London
14-start eurotour Birth
15-Leper festival Leper
16-Infect n. 8 Lyon-fr
16 to 21-Fall Of Messiah uktour need helf
17-The Fucking Tank live in London
18-Drop Dead Fest (hc/punk) Vilnius-lv
19-Egusur festival (hc/punk) Gieszer16-Leipzig-de
19-La Terrasseta festival Terraga-es
20-Trash Talk and more live in London
20-Mini Kvas festival Bukova-sk
20-Pstereo festivalen (hc/punk) Trondheim-no
20-Summer Breeze festival Dinkelsbunl-de
20-Boot Boo Hook festival Hannover-de
20-festival du Rat des Chants D’Andarre(07)-fr
20/21-Mountains Of Death 2010 Mouthatal-ch
20/21-Parfen festivalen Bods-no
20/21/22-Green Man festival wales
21-More Noise For Life Fest 2010 (hc/punk) Czech
21-The Fucking Tank live at the Barfly-london
21-Deathskulls and more live at the Cross Kings Kings Cross London
21-Drop Dead festival (hc/punk) Vilnius-lt
21-Crash Test festival (hc/punk) Uzghorod-ukraina
21-Crash Test fest (hc/punk) Ungvar-ukraina
21-Beautiful Days festival Exeter-uk
21-Yayaya Zouk festival Namur-ch
21-Ancient Transe festival Leipzig-de
21-Fiera di A Nuciola Cervione-Corsica-fr
24-Takio Fest 2010 Suances-es
24 to 29-Antirassistsche Woche Von germany
25 to 31-No Border Camp Lesvos-gr
25 to 19.09-No Escape eurotour
26-Shambala festival Northampton-uk
26-Singe Blanc Fiesta Metz-fr
26 to 29-Baltic Sea fest (hc/punk)
27-Bixarre X live in London
27-Dungeon open air Bergenstedt-de
27-Des Arts Bourrins festival (hc/punk) fr
27-Fuck Parade Party Berlin
27-Summer Inside festival de
27-Hattsttastock Glillenbreit Colmar(68)-fr
27-Binbal’Stoch Balbins Ornacieux(38)-fr
27-Des Arts Bourrins festival fr
27/28-Schlagstrom festival 2010 Berlin
27/28-Bristol Punx Picnic Bristol-uk
27/28-Krastival 2010 (hc/punk) Komen-si
27/28-Baltic Sea HC Fest 2010 (hc/punk)
27/28/29-Fuk Reddin festival (hc/punk) London
27/28/29-Infest 2010 Bradford-uk
27 to 05.09-Bridgnorth Music Festival Bridgnorth-uk
27 to 08.09-The Silver Shine uktour
28-Refuse/All-Peter And The Test Tube Babies live in London
28-Live Fast Fest 2010 Raesfeld-de
28-Fekal Party Praha-cz
28-23 Underground Football Cup Chrudim Janderov-cz
28-17 Jahre JWP Middendrin Fest (hc/punk)
28-L’Estrany de Banyoles Girona-Barcelona-es
28-Gare Aux Oreilles festival Avignon-fr
28-Skull Crusher 11 Anniversary Dresden-de
28-17 Jahre JWP Fest (hc/punk) Mittendrin-de
28-Donny Punk Fest Doncaster-uk
28-Ram festival Gustavsburg-de
28-Black Sunset Fest 2010 Albshausen-de
28-Wurtzdog festival Riedstadt-de
28-Vlamrock 2010 be
28/29-Fuk Reddin festival at the Grosvenor-Stockwell-London
28/29-Balkanika Core Fest 2010 Kranj-si (hc/punk)
28/29-Bristol Punx Picnic Bristol-uk
28/29/30-Gare Aux Oreilles festival 2010 Avignon-fr
29-Last Of The Summer Grind alldayer Birmingham-uk
29-Baltic Sea Fest (hc/punk) Greifswald-de
31-L’Autan Kice Fest Toulouse-fr

--Manchester Anarchist Bookfair Manchester-uk
--Krastival. Slovenja
--Anti MTV Day festival at the XM24-Bologna-it
--HC/Punkfestival Messina-it
--XVII aniversario C.S.A. Arrebato in Zaragoza-es
--Todays Art 2010 The Hague-nl
--Diesel’n’Dust Fest Freiburg-de
--Etrange festival Paris-fr
--Robodock festival Amsterdam-nl
--Noxious Art festival Paris-fr
--ZORO Squat Fest 2010 Leipzig-de
--Animateka festival Ljubljiana-si
--Veusseiler Calling festival (hc/punk) Voursebar-nl
--Pecorock 2010 Acratia (Agro Punk’n’Roll festival) Monti Lepini-Latina-it
--End of the Road festivalo Wiltschire-de
--Lidylique festival St.Gergain en Laye(78)-fr
--International Romani Art festival Timisoara-ro
--Istrocon 2010 Bratislava-sk
--Yellow Stone festival Borkaman-de
--Zrenjanin Antifascist festival Crenjanin-yugoslavia
--Kick Start festival (hc/punk) Jyraskyla-fi
--Fak Falster festival Nykobing-de
--Birmingham Punk Picnic Birmingham-uk
--Trainspotting festival 2010 (hc/punk)
--Expo festial Leeds-uk
--Fucken V
--Schachtfrequenz festival Sachsen-de
--Electroacoustica festival Kyiv-ukraine
--Animasyros International Animation festival Syros-gr
--Space Textures IV festival Riga-lv
--Off Ars Electronica Linz-at
--Rise Fest (hc/punk) Zemardi-hu
--Iskra (dbeatpunk from Canada) in eurotour
--Istrocon 2010 Comics festival Bratislava-sk
--Brum Punx Picnic
--Deathraid (us-hc/crust with members of Disrupt-State Of Fear and Consume)
01 to 26-Billy The Kid eurotour
01 to 31-Henry Fonda tour
03/04-Paranoya festival vol. 7 (hc/punk) Dresden-de
03/04-Queerpunkthingy festival Berlin-de
03/04-Pell Mell festival Rheinland-de
03 to 09.10-Abrupt eurotour
04-Le Petit Maquiniste, 5 years of D.I.Y. at the Area 51-Hilden-de
04-Plymouth Punx Picnic (hc/punk) Plymouth-uk
04-Vestiges festival Fort de Tamie’-fr
04-Offset festival Hainault Forest-London
04-Ratt og Rade festivalen (hc/punk) Stavanger-no
04-Rock’n’Roll festival Zwolle-nl
04-Sekakayttorock (hc/punk) Helsinki-fi
04-Al Plan Folk festival Bolzano-it
04-Agrotoxico start euro tour
04 to 18-Hell Burns Away eurotour
04/05-Trainspotting Fest 2010 (hc/punk)
05-NCN festival Deutzen-de
05-Save The Scene festival (hc/punk) Chemnitz-de
05-Nocturnal Culture Night festival Kulturpark-Deutzen-de
05-start eurotour for Fast Point
09-Close-Up Boat Stockholm-se
09 to 12-Gobot festival 2010
09 to 09.10- Holy Mountain eurotour
09 to 26-Alpinist eurotour
09 to 09.10-Holy Mountain eurotour
10-Punk Shadow Fest Couterne-fr
10-Feel Foot Sound Fest
10-Fetikako Fest Wien-at
10/11/12-Schrott Bar Fest 2010 (hc/punk) Biel-ch
10/11/12-September To Dismember 2010 Bologna-it
10/11/12-End Of The Road festival London
10 to 19-Incubate festival Tilburg-nl
10/11/12-Raptus International Comics festival Bergen-no
10 to 29-Shoyu Squad eurotour
11-Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2010 Bristol-uk
11-Panzram Extreme Birmingham
11-Skanu Mezs festival Riga-lv
11-Entrails Massacre 20th anniversary gig/party Neubrandenburg-de
11-Leipziger Comic und familien Fest Leipzig-de werk II
11-Klownhouse Fest Kiel-de
12-FREEDOM NOT FEAR! European Actionday
12-Keine Ausreden at the Gieszer 16 Leipzig-de
12 to 19-Incubate festival Tilburg-nl
13-Citay and more live in London
15-Ipercorpo festival Forli’-it
15 to 18-Future Ruins (ex Massmord) uk gigs
16/17/18-Kill-Town Death Fest Denmark
16 to 19-little uktour for Still Birth Party
16 to 03.10-Furnace-Capsele eurotour
17-Industrial Noize Gig at the Grosvenor-Stockwell-London bands tbc (Schultz)
17-Never Stop The Madness Ennis-eire
17-Czech Speed Trial Pardubice-cz
17-Alchemy festival Linconshire-uk
17-15 Let Needful Things Pardubice-cz
17/18-NRW Deathfest AJZ Bahndamm-de
18-Schultz live in London
18-Echtzeitmusik festival Berlin-de
18-Southsea Fest 2010 Southsea-uk
18-Skatehappening Fest (hc/punk) Tessenderloo-be
18-Insane Night Weregem-be
18-NRW Death Fest Wermelskirchen-de
18-Wunstock 2010 Wunsiedel-de
18-Rock In Opposition festival Albi-Midi Pyren-fr
18-Out Of Control festival Nurnberg-de
18/19-September To Dismember Bologna-it
18 to 26.10-Preying Of Hands eurotour
19-Never Again-Rotting Out-Ays live at the Grosvenor-Stockwell-London
19-Egusur HC Punk Fest Geszer16 Leipzig-de
19-Never Again-Rotting Out-AYS live at the Grosvenor-Stockwell-london
19-The Cramps live at the SO 36 Berlin
19-Light Out Farewell Show!!! Stuttgart-de
22-Death Disco in London
23-Crocus-Run Walk live at the Old Blue Last London
23-At.Mosh.Phera-Zero Palencia-es
23-Nuclear Night klub Oulu-fi
24-Laut Extrem Fest III
24-Drago Pedros festival Nantes-fr
24/25-Todays Art festival The Hague-nl
24/25/26-Ethnomechanica World Music festival St.Petersburg-ru
25-R’R Fest III (hc/punk) play as well Larm (nl) Venlo-nl
25-Save the Scene festival Chemnitz-de
25-Cilinder festival (hc/punk) Hoofddorp-nl
25-De Bestuiving festival Niewerkerk-nl
25-Kacken Open Air Ebersdorf-de
25-III Blood Fest Izegen-be
25-Reeperbahn festival Hamburg-de
25-The Hordes Of Belial festival Dundee-scotland
25-Escape Metal Corner Wien-at
26-Manchester Anarchist Bookfair Manchester-uk
26-Underground festival Glouchester-uk
27-Freakparade festival Wurzburg-de
28-Persil Fest (hc/punk) Karlsruhe-de
28 to 02.10-Spark festival
29 to 03.10-No Border Camp Bruxelles-be
30 to 01.10-Resist Fest Istambul-turkey

--Subvert festival (hc/punk) Bristol-uk
--Varia Improvised Music festival
--Tannaries Squat Anniversary Dijon-fr
--Toon festival Haarlem-nl
--Maschienen Fest 2010
--Good Night White Pride Fest Warswawa-pl
--Experimenta Club Madrid-es
--No Border Camp Brussel-be
--Spektro International Experimental Music & Film festival Istambul-turkey
--La Fanzinotheque Besancos-fr
--6X6 festival San Martino di Secchia-Carpi-Modena-it www.ekidna.or/
--Elevate festival 2010 Graz-at
--R’R Fest Venlo-nl
--Thrash Fest Timisoara-ro
--Bramia festival Wodzistaw-si
--Mosh It Up festival Krakow-pl
--LEM Gracia Territori festival Barcelona-es
--Electronic Ping Pong Leipzig-de
--Colour Out of Space festival Brighton-uk
--Net Audio festival Berlin-de
--Dirt Weekend Punk festival Wales
--Dis Patch festival Belgrade-serbia
--Dark Halloween Fest Lyon-fr
--Kvitnu Fest Kyiv-ukraine
--Illustrative International festival of Contemporary Illustration and Graphics
arts Berlin-de
--De-Sonanz festival Skopje-macedonia
--Hard Pork Fest 2010 Angouleme-fr
--Soy Fest 2010 Nantes-fr
--Extortion (hc/punk/thrash australia) in europe
01-Weekend Nachos-Cyness-Wojczech live at Potsdam-de
01-F*Ckin’Beat Fest Bruxelles-be
01-Leipziger Jazztage Leipzig-de
01/02-Bloodshed Fest Eindhoven-nl
01/02-Rock Fellah Rock 3 St. Hilaire De Loulay-fr
01 to 17-Long Dong Silver eurotour
01 to 24-Weekend Nachos eurotour
01 to 25-Siege Of Hate eurotour
02-Summer Forever 2 festival (hc/punk) Ibbenburen-de www.myspace,com/patsyohara
02-Unhappy Kraut Day Hannover-de
02 to 16.10- eurotour for Protestant
03-Kat Vipers-Moose Factory-Snarkel live at the George Tavern-Commercial Rd.-Shadwell-London
03-Traktor and more live in London
04-Noise Factory Workshop 2010 Anmelduns-de
06-A Storm Of Light-Sedula and Sons Of Alpha Centauri live at the Underworld-London
08-Crossbone Fest (hc/punk) Houthden Linburg-be
09-Coke Bust and more live in London
09-Mosh Down festival part 4
09-Grindcore Brigade Oberberg Fest Gummersbach-de
09-Around the Boudoir chapter 2 Bordeaux-fr
09-This Is Europe festival (hc/punk) Arnhem-nl
09-Punk Im Herbst Neustadt
09/10-Denovali Swing Fest 2010
10-Krach Fest (hc/punk) Gieszer16-Leipzig-de
10-Abused Musik Antwerp-be
10 to 15-Wildscreen festival
13-Git Some and more live at the Old Blue Last-London
15-Heirs (aus)-Blueneck live at the Unicorn London free gig
15-Zivilcourage IV festival (hc/punk)
15-Triplex festival Leiden-nl
15/16-Feirwerw 18 Jahre Munchen-de
15/16-Fuck Off festival Eisenach-de
15/16/17- Means To An End 6 festival (hc/punk) Bradford-uk
16-Unbroken live at the ULU London
16-Hardcore Fest (hc/punk) Antwerp-be
16-Fuck Off festival (hc/punk) Eisenach-de
16-Vasteras City Riot (hc/punk) Vasteras-se
16-Fest’Rock Movy(60)-fr
16-Ritm & Campas Madrid-es
17 to 24-Weekend Nachos and Cyness uktour
17 to 24-Unsound festival Krakow-Minsk
19-Arabrot start eurotour
20-Le Scrawl and more live at the AZ Conni-Dresden-de
20 to 24-L.U.F.F. Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival
21-SWN festival Cardiff-wales
21 to 24-Nodutgang festivalen Nordland-no
21 to 26-Gun Outfit uktour
22-ZombieTown festival (hc/punk) Koblenz-de
22-Divaldlo pod Lampou Pilsen-cz
22/23-Adipocire Fest IX Praha-cz
22/23/24-Supersonic festival Birmingham-uk
23-London Anarchist Bookfair 2010
23-Live Evil fest London
23-Adipocire Fest IX Praha-cz
23-2 Hard 2 Furious Krakow-pl
23/24-Live Evil Festival London
30-Deathskulls live in London
30-Zhark vs. Praxis Halloween Party Tilburg-nl
30-Batschkapp Frankfurt-de
30-DB’S Utrecht-nl
30-Halloween of Doom Darmstadt-de
31-3th edition of Gothique Eurydice festival Pfaffenhoffen-Alsace-fr

-- Intersquat festival
--Undisciplinary festival
--Folk Artshow Bremen-de
--7th Antifa Fest Pula-hr
--Reclaim Our Culture festival (hc/punk)
--Noise Central festival Utrecht-nl
--Castelli Animati 16th edition Roma-it
--Buda Hardcore Fest Bods-no
--Dromosphere festival Poznan-pl
--Platforma Video festival Athens-gr
--Kwark 2010 Eindhoven-nl
--Apostazja Fest 4 Poznan-pl
--Nu Music festival Stavanger-no
--Drotanya festival Budapest-hu
--Paysages Electroniques festival Llle-fr
--Neuro Fest San Martino Secchia di Carpi-Modena-it
--Soli festival (hc/punk) Juz Mannheim-de
--Dis Patch festival Belgrade-serbia
--New!New! Festival
--Night Klebard festival III Grenoble-fr
--Kinodance International Film Dance festival St. Petersburg-ru
--London International festival of Exploratory Music
01-Vegan World Day
04 to 08-Wroclaw Industrial festival Wroclaw-pl
from 05- Art Shake festival Berlin-de
05/06-Stumpf festival 10 years anniversary (hc/punk) Hannover-de
06-For All The Cows festival Lustenau-de
07-Dead Rat Orchestra live at the George Tavern-Commercial Road London
08 to 30-Parasytic (us) eurotour (Despotic Records)
10 to 14-Podwodny Wroclaw Wroclaw-pl
05/06-Zivilcourage festival (hc/punk)
06-Angry Youth festival (hc/punk) Essen-de
07-Gothmodel Treffen Bochum-de
09-Forbidden festival Murcia-es
10 to 14-Wroclaw Industrial festival Wroclaw-pl
11/12Punk Attack II Fest Erfurt-de
12/13-Narcolaptic live in London
13-Goremaggeddon IV Gorlitz-de
13-start euro tour for American Cheeseburger (hc/punk/thrash)
17-Death Disco at the 21 Notting Hill Gate W11 3JQ London
17 to 12.12-uk and eire tour for Action Beat
18 to 21-Piksel 2010
19-Tv Buddhas and more live in London
19 to 22-“OUT OF CONTROL” Activist Meeting Against the European Security Architecture
Southern Germany.
20-New Media Meeting Norkoepping-de
26-Der Cult Nurnbereg-de
26/27-Electro Mechanica festival St.Petersburg-ru
27-K 4 festaal
27/28-Punk Rock Alarm Lubeck-de
28/29-By Lem festiwalen

--Beartown Hardcore Fest (hc/punk) Dori-fi
--BIM Fest Antwerp-be
--Xmass Hardcore Super Bowl Fest Budapest-hu
--Next festival Bratislava-sk
--Beartown Hardcore festival (hc/punk) Pori-fi
03/04/05-Sons Of Vesta Fest (hc/punk) Arezzo-it
03/04/05-ATP festival Butling-Minehead-uk
04-50 Jahre Punkrock Geburstagsparty!!! Erfurt-de
11-Santa Mosh Olten-ch
12-Matrix Bochum-de
19-Ball der gesche i terten existenzen at the Gieszer16-Leipzig-de
24-Cyness 10 Years Anniversary Show Potsdam-de
25-GTR VI Smoking Rock Crew Grafenhainichen-de
26-International Pizza Punk Day London
31-Fuck New Year’s eve Fest a lot of bands at the Koevoet Squat-Antwerp-be
31-New Year with Detroit Techno Militia Scauri-it