sabato 25 settembre 2010

30 September Deathraid and more live in Copenhagen Denmark

30 September HC Punk Gig at the Koma F Squat Berlin Germany

30 September Eskatologia live in Kiel Germany

30 September Preying Hands and MidnatT Dod live in Slavonice Czech R

30 September Panacea Radio Maquis and Cloak Dagger live in Brno Czech R

30 September Industrial Grind Show in Nitra Slovakia

30 September HC Punk Gig in Clermont France

30 September Petula Clark Casse Brique and Polar Bird live in Paris France

30 September The Afternon Gentleman and more live at the Grosvenor Stockwell London uk

30 September Kasatka and Sakatat live at the De Plu Squat in Heerlen

30 September Don Vito and Hexen Brutal live at the atelier DIY Timisoara Romania

30 September Incontro con Chris Carlsson and Matteo Guernaccia alla Libreria Shake Via Bligny 42 Milano Italy

30 September Codia and Zinc live in Madrid Spain

30 September HC Punk Night in Hyring Finland

30 September Napalm death Slavebreed and Homo Iratus live in Thessaloniki Greece

29 30 September Fuck Austerity Smash Ecofin in Brussels Belgium

28 September Hunderbiss Night Secret Show in Milano Italy

venerdì 24 settembre 2010

29 September The Holy Mountain and Gattaca live in Praha Czech R

29 September Down To Agony Eskatologia and Kingterror live at the Plan Z Squat Leuven Belgium

29 September Kein Tag Fur Die Nation Kein Tag Fur Deauthschland in Detmold Germany

29 September Kraake Konzert Presents in Koln Germany

29 September Guts & Guns live at the Stumpf Germany

29 September Straight Edge Linke Politik Germany

29 September Hongo Nesseria and Kasatka live in Paris France

29 September Uzbeks Disident and Dead Plants live in Martin Slovakia

29 September Sleepytime Gorilla Museum live in Paris France

29 September Keko Yoma live at the Enthropy Squat Marseille France

29 September Cloak Dagger and Lombihead live in Budapest Hungary

29 September East Of The Wall Radare and Khuda live in Bucharest Romania

29 September HC Grind Show in Birmingham uk

29 September Punk Night in Manchester uk

29 September Rvivr and Offshore Radio live in Milano Italy

28 September to 20 November New Blood Tour

28 29 30 September Arteries Bangers and Sweet Empire Holland Shows