sabato 30 luglio 2011

Fabrizio De André - Creuza de mä #1984


01. Creuza de mä
02. Jamin-a
03. Sidun
04. Sinan Capudan Pascia'
05. A pittima
06. A dumenega
07. Da a me riva

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3 august Clarion Events Vigil re DSEi Arms Fair London

Clarion Events are responsible for organising the DSEi Arms Fair, which promotes the sale of tanks, planes, guns and bombs. Another arms exhibition is planned this September.

We will be holding a monthly vigil to ask them to stop organising arms exhibitions in East London, or anywhere else.

This year's event takes place from 13-16 September and will feature over 1,200 arms companies from around the world, displaying arms ranging from rifles to tanks to fighter jets to battleships.

At the last DSEI exhibition in 2009: Libya, Bahrain, Egypt and Saudi Arabia received official invitations to the arms exhibition, Israel exhibited its "battle-tested" weapons - just months after its attacks on Gaza killed 350 children, Pakistan Ordnance Factories advertised cluster munitions at the exhibition, despite a ban on their promotion or display.

This exhibition is where the seeds of conflict are sown, and the violence and bloodshed we routinely hear reported on the news is born.

Email Contact email:

86 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8QQ

Alex Simpson and Daniel Clark: Murmurs 5 to 27 august @ The Horse Hospital London

Private View: Friday 5th August 7:30pm
Exhibition: Saturday 6th August – Saturday 27th August, Mon – Sat, 12 – 6pm

The Chamber of Pop Culture proudly presents a collection of personal and collaborative work by Alex Simpson and Daniel Clark, titled MURMURS – combining new experiments in painting, drawing and sculpture against a soundtrack of eerie and uplifting improvisations interspersed with fragments of Clark’s tape recordings.

A rite of passage into childhood misadventure, trampled gardens, tiny shoe burials, monsters and frogs from the eyes, as told through ink-bled figures, intricate lines, spectral stains, and polyfiller effigies.

Alex Simpson is a multi disciplinary artist who works intuitively across painting, sculpture, printmaking and animation. Her work centers around personal narratives that are played out in worlds of melancholic children and strange creatures exploring their relationships with loss, fear and the unknown.

At the core of Simpson’s practice is painting – a dialogue between artist and medium – in which she invites spontaneity to bleed out her delicate figures into washes of ink. More recently Simpson has begun to work with ceramics – sculpting three dimensional counterparts to her gouache apparitions – rigorous experiments with glazes has helped her retain the textural flow of painting in this new medium. Simpson’s goal is to create a coherent visual language across these mediums – her new visual / sound collaborations with Daniel Clark for their ‘MURMURS’ exhibition further cements this.

Daniel Clark is an illustrator interested in experimental image making and sound. His work is motivated by the use of field recordings – muffled conversations heard through floorboards – surreal dialogues with uncertain voices – these abstract narratives he investigates further through painting, drawing and music

The use of found materials is especially prevalent in his visual work – deteriorated textures, spectral stains and blooms of water damaged paper – out of which landscapes and people start to emerge – accompanied by warped tape music that plays out in fluctuating tempos.


the last 24 July was Tek BBQ
at the 121 Squat near Cheese Factory Squat Newington Green London

29 to 31 July Hackney Wick Festival 2011 London

29 to 31 July Hackney Wick Festival 2011



tonight 30 July Crust Assault BBQ @ Death Drop Squat london

today 30 July Crust Assault BBQ
@ Death Drop Squat

58 Stewart Road
10 min. walk from Vauxhall Station

9 August Absurdo/Crosta/Little Ease live in Brighton uk

31 July Show in Bristol uk

2 August Resurrectionist and more live in Norwich uk

August Liberation Front. l’estate di Torchiera e Scighera | 29.07.11-10.09.11

come d’abitudine degli ultimi anni, per tutto il mese di agosto la Torchiera va in vacanza… in torchiera!
concerti, grigliate, proiezioni, dj set… ce n’e’ per tutti i gusti, ogni tipo di arma per resistere alla calda apatia dell’agosto milanese.

la programmazione del mese di agosto e’ realizzata in collaborazione con i fratelli e le sorelle del circolo arci Scighera… e si svolgera’, suppergiu’, secondo questo calendario:

preseguono, per 365 giorni all’anno, gli appuntamenti di “Odio i lunedi’”… che per l’estate si arricchiscono con i lavori di rabdomanzia!

autocostruzione e catalogazione… ovvero: ce la faremo ad inaugurare il nuovo archivio per l’autunno?

ludoteca, sagra della sfida, tornei, olimpiadi… competizioni all’ultimo sangue in un grande numero di sport a bassa sudorazione (ping pong, calcetto, scopone, scacchi, dama, backgammon, risiko, monopoli, freccette… e ogni altra proposta e’ ben accetta).

Cinema! rassegna gratuita e open-air (ma se piove si fa dentro): “Storie di ribelli e sopraffatti”.
Ogni proiezione è preceduta d un buffet

grigliate abbondanti, carnivore e vegetariane

dj set di ogni genere :)

DOMENICA hangover… ovvero a casa a riposare.

qui sotto il programma completo di dettagli, ove possibili (altri arriveranno).

VEN 29.07
grigliata di carne e vegetariana con brindisi a Gaetano Bresci!

LUN 01.08
“Odio i lunedì” presenta:
cena vegana
proiezioni video sul movimento No Tav della val di susa
lavori di rabdomanzia (dal pomeriggio fino a notte fonda)

MAR 02.08
lavori all’archivio

MER 03.08
in giornata:
lavori di sistemazione della cascina (officina, magazzino, tetti, grondaie…)
in serata:
competizioni sportive a bassa sudorazione
(ping pong, calcetto, scopone, scacchi, dama, backgammon, risiko, monopoli, freccette… e ogni altra proposta e’ ben accetta…)

VEN 05.08
GIUBBONSKY in concerto
[canzoni di non lavoro, milano]

SAB 06.08
DJ SET a sopresa…

LUN 08.08
“Odio i lunedì” presenta:
cena vegana
proiezioni video
lavori di rabdomanzia (dal pomeriggio fino a notte fonda)

MAR 09.08
lavori all’archivio

MER 10.08
in giornata:
lavori di sistemazione della cascina (officina, magazzino, tetti, grondaie…)
in serata:
competizioni sportive a bassa sudorazione
(ping pong, calcetto, scopone, scacchi, dama, backgammon, risiko, monopoli, freccette… e ogni altra proposta e’ ben accetta…)

GIO 11.08
buffet dalle 20
alle 22: rassegna cinematografica “Storie di ribelli e sopraffatti”
proiezione di “Missing” (costa-gavras, 1982)

MER 17.08
in giornata:
lavori di sistemazione della cascina (officina, magazzino, tetti, grondaie…)
in serata:
competizioni sportive a bassa sudorazione
(ping pong, calcetto, scopone, scacchi, dama, backgammon, risiko, monopoli, freccette… e ogni altra proposta e’ ben accetta…)

GIO 18.08
buffet dalle 20
alle 22:
rassegna cinematografica “Storie di ribelli e sopraffatti”
proiezione di “Marrakech express” (salvatores, 1989)

VEN 19.08
grigliata di carne e vegetariana

SAB 20.08
DJ SET reggae, funk, breakbeat con MISSIN RED

LUN 22.08
“Odio i lunedì” presenta:
cena vegana
lavori di rabdomanzia (dal pomeriggio fino a notte fonda)

MAR 23.08
lavori all’archivio

MER 24.08
in giornata:
lavori di sistemazione della cascina (officina, magazzino, tetti, grondaie…)
in serata:
competizioni sportive a bassa sudorazione
(ping pong, calcetto, scopone, scacchi, dama, backgammon, risiko, monopoli, freccette… e ogni altra proposta e’ ben accetta…)

GIO 25.08
buffet dalle 20
alle 22:
rassegna cinematografica “Storie di ribelli e sopraffatti”
proiezione di “Garage olimpo” (bechis, 1999)

VEN 26.08
grigliata di carne e vegetariana

SAB 27.08
DJ SET da definire

LUN 29.08
“Odio i lunedì” presenta:
cena vegana
lavori di rabdomanzia (dal pomeriggio fino a notte fonda)

MER 31.08
in giornata:
lavori di sistemazione della cascina (officina, magazzino, tetti, grondaie…)
in serata:
competizioni sportive a bassa sudorazione
(ping pong, calcetto, scopone, scacchi, dama, backgammon, risiko, monopoli, freccette… e ogni altra proposta e’ ben accetta…)

GIO 01.09
buffet dalle 20
alle 22:
rassegna cinematografica “Storie di ribelli e sopraffatti”
proiezione di “l’uomo che fissava le capre” (heslow, 2009)

VEN 02.09
grigliata di carne e vegetariana

SAB 03.09
DJ SET da definire

LUN 05.09
“Odio i lunedì” presenta:
cena vegana
lavori di rabdomanzia (dal pomeriggio fino a notte fonda)

GIO 08.09
buffet dalle 20
alle 22:
rassegna cinematografica “Storie di ribelli e sopraffatti”
proiezione di “pane e tulipani” (soldini, 1999)

VEN 09.09
grigliata di carne e vegetariana

SAB 10.09
rave party lettarario per festeggiare i 35 anni del
(musica, dibattiti, banchetti informativi e conviviali)

venerdì 29 luglio 2011


Running Down the Walls – Saturday July 30th, 2011!

Running Down the Walls 2011 Guelph

Saturday July 30th

1:00-4:00 PM

Exhibition Park, @ London and Exhibition

Run, Walk, Bike or Roll for Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War

On the last Saturday in July, hundreds of people across the continent will participate in solidarity 5k runs in communities and prisons. This collective event, known as Running Down the Walls, has been held annually since 2002. Each year, Anarchist Black Cross chapters, prisoners, and allies, participate in these runs to raise funds for the Anarchist Black Cross Federation Warchest (a fund that sends monthly stipends to political prisoners across North America), and other support efforts for political prisoners and prisoners of war.

Last year, Guelph’s Running Down the Walls drew 30 participants, and we raised over $2000, which was split between the ABCF Warchest, and the G20 Support Fund.

This year, we are aiming to double the amount of participants, and also, in turn, double the amount of funds raised. The money raised from this year’s Guelph run will be split between the ABCF Warchest and living expenses/rent for two G20 defendants, Kelly Rose Pflug-Back and Ryan Rainville.

Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) Warchest

The ABCF Warchest program is now almost 16 years old. Funds from the Warchest are divided and distributed through monthly stipends to political prisoners who receive little or no financial aid. Prisoners use this money to cover the basic necessities of everyday living. Funds have been used by prisoners to pay for stamps, shoes, clothes, as well as assisting their families with what little they can.

Living Expenses/Rent for Kelly & Ryan

Kelly Rose Plfug-Back and Ryan Rainville are two individuals from Southern Ontario facing criminal charges stemming from last year’s G20 summit protests in Toronto. While on house arrest, as well as other court-ordered conditions, it is difficult to earn an income and also retain legal aid as the amount of money one can earn is quite low. Thus one is essentially forced to “choose” between being unemployed/precariously employed or crippled with legal debt. So that is why we are raising money for Kelly and Ryan’s living expenses — to help our comrades get back on their feet (and back to their communities!) after their legal situations are resolved. To make this effort successful, we need YOUR support!

Who is Kelly Rose Pflug-Back?

Kelly Rose Pflug-Back is a grassroots anti-poverty activist from Guelph. She was arrested over the G20 weekend on conspiracy charges and released on bail. On July 21, police issued a news release announcing that she was wanted for 6 counts of mischief over $5000 from the G20 protests. After weeks in jail, she was released on strict house arrest bail conditions. Her conspiracy charges have been since dropped. She remains on house arrest far from her friends.

Who is Ryan Rainville?

Ryan Rainville is an indigenous anarchist who was arrested at the G20 and released on bail. About a month later, he was rearrested on more charges related to the G20 including mischief and assault. He was in jail for almost three months and was rejected bail multiple times. He was finally released on bail on November 9th with very strict conditions. His trial was on April 12, 2011 and is now awaiting sentencing.

Support The Struggle…. Run For It

Run/walk/bike in the 5k – We need participants who can run/walk/bike/roll the 5k and able to collect financial pledges to offer as donations to the run. Raising $50 can go a long way for an imprisoned ally.

Volunteer for the run – We need folks who are willing to staff a registration/literature table, hand out water, put up posters and help chalk the route before the run.

The Struggle Needs Money. Supporting Revolutionaries Makes Revolution.

$20, $50, $200. It all makes a difference. All the money you raise or contribute goes directly to supporting our comrades who are struggling for personal and collective freedom

Donate to the run/sponsor a participant. You can bring your pledge sheets and donations to the Running Down The Walls Event on Saturday July 30th, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM in Guelph or email

If you are not able to attend, but want to support this fund raising effort,

please mail donations written out to Guelph ABC with RDTW in the “memo” line to:

Guelph ABC

P.O Box 183

Guelph, ON

N1H 6J6

Or donate to Guelph ABC through the Guelph ABC website

Want to participate? Want to volunteer? Want to donate? Contact us at

Solidarity with our allies on both sides of the wall!

-Running Down the Walls Guelph

Running Down the Walls Poster 2011

Seattle: Benefit for the 26 THIS SATURDAY!

6 August Live God Dammitry @ Autonomia Seattle WA us

Get Your @#$%! To The Live Broadcast!...Part #2!
Saturday August 6th. 8pm at

Autonomia Social Center
600 24th Ave South in Seattle!

All Power To The Positive! is art, culture, history, politics, philosophy, science, martial arts, hip-hop, and humor for the relative FEW (meaning YOU) who seek a greater understanding of the world around us and how to make it a better place for all!

Be in the LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE for a REAL grassroots community radio experience, hosted by Sensei Gregory C. Lewis and Jacob "The Jacobin" Brown, featuring Matt Adams of Seattle Solidarity Network, Aaron Dixon, former Captain of the Seattle Chapter of The Black Panther Party, and musical guest Delton Son! $5 (all-ages).




tonight 29 July @ Hackney Wick London

Tonight 8pm openin Hackney Wick Festival 2011

@ 92 Whitepost Lane hackney Wick

100% Beefcock Live

Free Gig

download: Radio Fango FM puntata di giovedì 28 luglio 2011

Playlist giovedì 28 luglio 2011 - (dalle 22:00 alle 24:00)
per frequenze FM e streaming:

END TRAILS (from 7" self released)
DAITRO (from "vinyl collected" LP on Adagio 830 Rec.)
SPECTRES (from split 7" w/ Arctic Flowers on Charged//Distored Rec.)
ARCTIC FLOWERS (from split 7" w/ Spectres on Charged//Distored Rec.)
MISERIA ("vivi la tua vita" song from upcoming LP)
SKIN LIKE IRON (from "Arrival" LP on React! Rec.)
MUMBAJAMBA ("I love rnr" from upcoming EP)
LEPER (from "endless progress" LP on Moshpit Tragedy Rec.)
THE ROPES (from "demo 2" tape)
NIGHT BIRDS (from "midnight movies" 7" on No Way Rec.)
DOWNFALL OF GAIA (from split LP on In The Hearts Of Emperor on Shove Rec.)
IN THE HEARTS OF EMPEROR (from split LP on Downfall Of Gaia on Shove Rec.)
BACKSLIDER (from split 7" w/ Nimbus Terrifix on Give Praise Rec.)
NIMBUS TERRIFIX (from split 7" w/ Backslider on Give Praise Rec.)
ROSKOPP (from split 7" w/ Dubled Over on Give Praise Rec.)
WAGES OF FEAR (from 7" on Give Praise Rec.)
BEER CORPSE (from "keg nuts" 7" on Give Praise Rec.)
BRODY'S MILITIA (from split 7" w/ Breahilizor on Give Praise Rec.)
BREAHILIZOR (from split 7" w/ Brody's Militia on Give Praise Rec.)
DEAD RADICAL (from split 7" w/ Republicorpse on Give Praise Rec.)
REPUBLICORPSE (from split 7" w/ Dead Radical on Give Praise Rec.)
NERVOUS BREAKDOWN (from split LP w/ Scheisse Minnelli on Give Praise Rec.)
THINK TWICE (from "national sacrifice zone" 7" on Give Praise Rec.)
FROM THE DEPTHS (from split 7" w/ Next Victim)
NEXT VICTIM (from split 7" w/ From The Dephts)
AL-THAWRA (from "edifice" LP)
DRAINLAND (from split LP w/ Trenches)
CONVINCE (from "apocalypse for you!" CD)
GRAZDANSKAJA OBORONA (from "vonja" LP 1989)

download / scarica puntata Radio Fango 28 luglio 2011


Sábado 6 de Agosto
18:00 Hrs

Luka + Alimento
CSO La Kólera, Libertad con Presidente Errázuriz.

Desde Plaza Italia: 503, 502, 504 (bajarse en Libertad con Andes)
Desde Metro ULA: J-10 hasta el final del recorrido.

giovedì 28 luglio 2011

Rosemary's Baby - Love songs #1985

Prima che un gruppo i veronesi Rosemary's Baby sono stati l'incarnazione italiana del Temple Ov Thee Psychick Youth (T.O.P.Y.), l'oscura organizzazione messa in piedi nel 1981 da Genesis P-Orridge (THROBBING GRISTLE, PSYCHIC TV) che mescolava occultismo (profonda ed evidente l'influenza di Aleister Crowley), arte, psicologia, esoterismo e magia per promuovere una libera e consapevole realizzazione di sè, anche attraverso la demistificazione di tutti i dogmi.
La costola italiana ruotava attorno all'associazione culturale Ricerche Studi Babalon, con sede a Verona. La spettacolare fondazione della band fu annunciata alla popolazione nel 1984, quando sui muri della città veneta vennero affissi dei volantini che riportavano, in rosso sangue, la scritta: Rosemary's Baby is born.
Musicalmente parlando, invece, questo è la loro terza pubblicazione, preceduta dalla cassetta Magia Sexualis, dello stesso anno, e da un'ormai introvabile demotape del 1984. Le cinque tracce, introdotte dalla registrazione di un'omelia di Giovanni Paolo II, ci conducono in un viaggio allucinato e allucinante, ai limiti dell'esperienza sensoriale. The Power of love è un incubo che si protrae per sedici minuti tra rumorismi, distorsioni, urla e campionamenti di chiara derivazione industriale e che lascia un segno indelebile sull'ascoltatore. A spezzare il ritmo ci pensa la successiva Emabs Byos Y'Rra, estratto del tema principale del film di Roman Polanski del 1968, dal quale prende il nome la band veronese. See woman see human è invece una ballata lisergica ed ipnotica nella quale interviene il cantato acido e malato del vocalist. L'album si conclude con 1 Vortex, un inquietante e malsano loop di grida.
Peccato scoprire che, oggi, il cantante/fondatore della band è un membro attivo di Alleanza Cattolica, un'organizzazione di estrema destra che promuove l'estremismo cattolico e l'odio anti islamico nel mondo, sulla quale preferisco non aggiungere altri dettagli.
Il disco invece è un piccolo gioiello di industrial italiana, a partire dalla blasfema e irriverente copertina che ritrae il regista Roman Polanski con la moglie Sharon Tate, massacrata da seguaci mansoniani nel 1969.
A must have!


a1. Om
a2. The power of love...

b1. Emabs Byos Y'Rra
b2. See woman see human
b3. 1 Vortex

T.O.P.Y. - World Network System


AA.VV. - Italian wave


01. Gaznevada - A. perkins
02. Diaframma - Pioggia
03. Franti - Prete, croce, sedia, morte
04. Kaos Rock - La rapina
05. Luti Chroma - Metalandroiduomo
06. Rats - Bimba
07. Hiroshima Mon Amour - Fuga dall'eden
08. Massimo Volume - La processione della madonna dei porci
09. X Rated - Blockhead dance
10. Chrisma - Calling
11. Detonazione - I don't wanna be a frustrated one
12. Savage Republic - Ivory coast (live)
13. Il Giardino Violetto - L.iquid s.ensations d.isplay
14. Mercenary God - Burning generation
15. Jo Squillo Eletrix - L'asta
16. Officine Schwartz - Rambo
17. Rinf - Was besonders
18. Cccp - Spara jurij
19. Faust'O - Benvenuti fra i rifiuti
20. 2+2=5 - Kesä
21. Neon - Christ in spotlight
22. Not Moving - A wonderful night to die

Download here

Officine Schwartz - Stoccaggio armonia e meccanica 1983/1994 #1994


01. Carica!
02. G.R.U.
03. Assemblaggio I
04. Apretuchar
05. Il Mare D'Inverno
06. Rambo
07. Pannelli Solari
08. Il Dio Macchina Ha Voluto Il Caos
09. In Fabbrica
10. Ninna Nanna Del Capolinea
11. Canto D'Amore Delle Ruspe & Dei Sassi
12. Assemblaggio II
13. De Bellica Terra
14. Tamme Vogel

Kom Fut Manifesto


[KonzIerto] Rebelión punk (29 i 30 de Julio)

Konzierto 2 dias + merkadillo kon zona de akampada
Kante pinreliko,sensa yuma, sobredosis,the arkadas,lsd inmunitas,d.h.b.,lutxa armada,winnie the punk,odio kompulsivo,pogo suizida,faktor suelo,paniko,tranxilium 50mg,III guerra mundial,kontraktura muskular,ulzera zerebral,antisistema ni kapullos
todo esto i mas el viernes 29 i sabado 30 en moratalla(murcia)

Cine de verano @ CBA El Colegio Madrid

Cine de verano al aire libre en el barrio de la Alhóndiga (Getafe)

- 28 Julio: Plz Rufino de Castro 22 h.

- 18 Agosto: Plz. Tirso de Molina 22 h.

- 15 Septiembre: Plz.Paxos Pría (pista roja) 21h.

Cada día se elegirá en tre los presentes la película que será proyectada.


En Madrid: Proyecciones durante el mes de Julio (en la plaza popularmente conocida como de Xosé Tarrío -Lavapiés. Cruce de las calles Calvario y Ministriles-)

- Sábado 23, 21:30
“Menores y guardianes”. Documental realizado por Documentos TV, en el que intentan relatar la crónica del recorrido, que separa a un niño peligroso a un menor en peligro. También recoge las denuncias de familiares, educadores… por abusos, malos tratos y aislamiento sufridos por estos/as chavales/as en los Centros de Menores.
Documental \”Menores y guardianes\”

- Sábado 30, 21:30
“La mirada circular” “Una familia convencional. Un lugar maravilloso. Un bonito día. Una pesadilla perfecta.”
“El testigo” En este documental, Eddie Lama nos cuenta cómo al convivir con un gato cambió su percepción hacia el resto de los animales y cómo decidió hacer llegar a la gente, con sus propios medios, tanto en su vida laboral como personal, un mensaje de respeto. Se centra sobre todo en campañas contra el uso de pieles.


Y también la terracika de la casika. Entrada gratuita a todas las actividades.
CSOA LaCasika, C/montero15 móstoles

Web: Novedades en este blog anarquista y punk!

(Ultima "obra" del maestro que diseño el fondo y banner de este blog)
Sorpresa! Nuevo Diseño
Bueno bueno por fin estrenando nuevo fondo y banner de parte del "maestro" punk/seudo esclavo personal Jüan y Diegö. Estoy trabajando en mejorar todo para que quede mas guapo.

El banner/blog cambio de nombre por una razón principalmente. No es un blog exclusivamente anarcopunk, si no un blog donde se publican noticias anarquistas y punk por iguales partes. El historial lo ha demostrado así. Cerrarse en un termino es elitesco y busca una exclusividad de la que no quiero formar parte. No se es anarcopunk: se es anarquista y/o punk carajo! Basta de terminologías cerradas que separan mas entre personas que quieren cambiar las cosas. Pero esto tambien necesita dejar algo claro: No queremos social democratas ni comunistas, tampoco seudopunkies comerciales o rockeros de salón.

Las secciones de banda de la semana, pagina de la semana, un par de entrevistas y demás bobadas regresaran contundentemente en estos dias.
Besos, punk anarquia y bicicleta!

Noseke Radio Programa #19 (26/JULIO 2011)

Noseke Radio Programa #19 (26/JULIO/2011):
Descripción: latinoamerica ultra rabiosa más dos de zaragoza!!!, sólo viniles.
Imagen: Serigrafia de la tapa del EP7" de ESTIGIA (a su vez tomado de la pelicula "La Caida del imperio Romano" donde se ve en primer plano Sofia Loren.)

Para descargar #19:

0. Intro de fondo: Arrastrad@s bajo un cielo (Chile), 2011
Sólo viniles:
1.LA VOZ (latinos/usa) "No más!/Del corazón/Cuantas veces más", 2010 LA61
2.INSERVIBLES (Mexico), "Estoy podrido", 2009
3.NAZARENO EL VIOLENTO (Mexico), "COn cuantos muertos nadas?/Selfpitty is killing me/Dardo envenenado", 2010
4.LOBOTOMIA (Brasil). "Lobotomia", 1985 (+ record info)
5.RIGIDEZ KADAVERIKA (Argentina), "Mundo de hoy", 1988 (+ record info)
6.EX-KOMBRO (Colombia), "Vete a dormir", 1997
7.DISLEXIA (Peru), "A revolucionar/Banderas negras", 2003, NR-036
8.TOCATA Y BULLa (Ecuador), "America cierra tu puño", 1998
9.KARNVAPEN ATTACK (España/zaragoza), "mata punkis/capitalistas", 2001
10.ESTIGIA (España/zaragoza), "IV poder/1999", 2001
11.DISARM (Brasil), "Tierra Esquecida", 1999

Todos los programas de Noseke en:

TODOS LOS MIERCOLES Y DOMINGOS 9:00 PM, hora Colombia por:
Radio Colombian punk:
Favor Sugerencias a::

05.08.2011 - 06.08.2011 18.00 h - 03.00 h Sovicille it CAMPOFIHO PUNKHARDCORE Vol.2

Seconda edizione del CAMPOFIHO PUNKHARDCORE!! Ci riproviamo anche quest'anno!! Stavolta per 2 giorni!! IL posto per chi non lo sapesse è una stupenda cascina occupata in mezzo alle campagne senesi!!




Superstrada (Siena-Firenze),uscire a Colle di val d’elsa, alla rotonda a dritto,seguire per Grosseto Follonica,sempre dritto per una diecina di minuti ,il bivio per Campofico rimane sulla sinistra.

ven 5 ago: No Racism Cup + Concerto @ Lecce

5-6 ago: COSPIR-AZIONE FEST @ Spiaggia TErmano (Teramo)

dom 31 luglio: Logica Di Morte + Seesaw @ circolo viale liberta - monza









giov 28 lug: RituAL @ SGA ARESE milano it

29 Luglio Serata su Gaetano Bresci @ Biblioteca L'Idea Roma it


che, nell’Italia insanguinata dalla guerra d’Africa e dalle cannonate sul popolo affamato, dava onore e merito al generale Bava Beccaris per il massacro degli sfruttati in rivolta.

VENERDI’ 29 LUGLIO 2011 Ore 20

Tra Via Braccio da Montone e Via Fanfulla da Lodi al Pigneto

Tuttifrutti der mal de fegato

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Bronx Macchine Sonore

Libri, mostre, proiezioni, cibo vegan, dissetamenti vari.

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28/29/30 Luglio Promemoria per il fine settimana Val Susa it

GIOVEDI’ 28 luglio

ore 9.00 Prodotti tipici della Maddalena e volantinaggio al mercato di Chiomonte

ore 18.00 Consueta assemblea campeggio per discutere della prosecuzione del presidio della centrale e della manifestazione di sabato

ore 21.00 Proiezione di “I peccati della Maddalena" sulla giornata del 3 luglio (appendice a Fratelli di TAV) di Manolo Luppichini

ore 21,30 Partenza dal campeggio per passeggiata serale lungo i sentieri

*VENERDI’ 29 luglio

ore 21.00 “Verso l’autunno: per un movimento contro la svendita” intervengono: Ugo MAttei, Insurgent City (Parma), Occupant* Teatro Valle di Roma

ore 22.30 YO YO MUNDI (musica resistente)

*SABATO 30 luglio

ore 14.00 MARCIA GIAGLIONE-CHIOMONTE con partenza dal campo sportivo

ore 21.30 “So much Younger than today” Viaggio nell’Italia di Gigi Meroni (con Mao, Mario Congiu, Marco Peroni)


resalvajizacion, los materiales y servicios producidos por la civilizacion y que usamos tienen un efecto dominador sobre el planeta y la vida de todxs lxs animales, un impacto no orgánico y si contaminante.
Una degradación física y mental, que es posible destruir acercándonos a las habilidades de tierra.
traducido por: lenguas nomades

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Critica a la sociedad de consumo.

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>> Viernes 5 de Agosto / Marcha contra la megaminería – ¡No a Aratirí!

>> Jueves 4 de Agosto / Charla-debate: Mega-operativos y otras represiones.

Creemos necesario juntarnos para intercambiar distintos puntos de vista respecto a el tema represivo, poniendo como disparador un asunto puntual que es el de los mega-operativos que se están desarrollando en los barrios donde muchos de nosotros vivimos.
Esperamos poder compartir un espacio donde dentro de lo posible profundizar en el desarrollo de esta lucha contra uno de los eslabones de esta forma de vida que se impone, el control social del gobierno-estado-capitalismo y que implica una reflexión para poder combatir esta realidad.

Contra esta realidad, sus defensores y sus falsos críticos.

mercoledì 27 luglio 2011

Faust'o - Suicidio #1978


01. Intro
02. Suicidio
03. Godi
04. Bastardi
05. Piccolo Lord
06. Eccolo Qua
07. Il mio sesso
08. C'é un posto caldo
09. Innocenza
10. Benvenuti tra i rifiuti



Franti - Il giardino delle quindici pietre #1986


a1. Il battito del cuore
a2. Acqua di luna
a3. L'uomo sul balcone di Beckett
a4. Every time...da Attica

b1. Every time...a Soweto
b2. Ai Negazione
b3. Hollywood army/Big black mothers
b4. Micrò micrò...per Demetrio
b5. Elena 5 e 9
b6. Nel giorno secolo
b7. À suivre

Blu Bus


COLLOQUIO - Il Giardino Delle Lacrime (demo tape 1993)

Ancora un bel dischetto proveniente dal sottosuolo bolognese il quale, a dispetto della sovrastante fama di città godereccia, è in grado di ispirare atmosfere e pensieri lugubri che manco Ian Curtis... In questo caso il protagonista è Gianni Pedretti, principale animatore del progetto felsineo, fondato nel 1993 e (credo) ancora attivo, che ha pubblicato un numero notevole di cassette autoprodotte nel corso dei nineties, per poi approdare negli anni 00 alla Eibon records. Questa è la prima testimonianza sonora dei Colloquio, sicuramente insolita per quegli anni e difficilmente "etichettabile": a farla da padrone è la voce teatrale e baritonale del Pedretti, che canta sopra un paesaggio di ambient oscura (talvolta spinta verso territori pseudo-industrial scanditi da ritmiche martellanti) creato da un uso minimale dei sintetizzatori, da un piano spesso in evidenza e da qualche fortunato arrangiamento cantautorale. E' in questo strano limbo tra darkwave e canzone d'autore che si muovono i bolognesi Colloquio, animati soprattutto dalle liriche non proprio allegre ma certamente mai banali del Pedretti, quasi un marchio di fabbrica della "band".


01. Lacrime
02. Forte il vento
03. Io e te Pier
04. Il tuo mondo
05. La forma dell'addio
06. E ora dimmi
07. L'angolo della vita
08. Bellavita
09. La dea dal trono d'acciaio



International activists meeting Istanbul 2013

The idea : gathering individuals and groups all agreeing with the necessity to create international links in order to fight against the what we would call the logic of capitalism.

Why should we do it in Istanbul and why in 2013 ?

Numerous meetings take place in the western countries, thus excluding quite a number of potential participants. Considering the turkish geopolitical situation, Istanbul appears to be a good choice for that kind of project. An easy location for Europeans and Turkish people to reach and not that far for Caucasians or participants from the Middle East.
[smash smash, kill & destroy!]

Two years to prepare such a project are not too much, two years to gather all goodwills, for we don’t intend to prepare it all on our own. That’s why we would like our proposal to be taken over and developped by all those who will be interested in it and ready to get involved.

From now, let’s express our ideas and suggestions and all together make this project become real.

We believe that it is necessary to share and talk about our respective experiences in struggles:
considering our backgrounds, what kind of actions tends to succeed or fail ? How and why ?
Considering the evolution of the different repression systems, how can we build and strengthen the internationalist angles of our struggles ? Is it possible to create new forms of actions ? How to coordinate them and make them more efficient ?

In order to create international solidarities, beyond the specific difficulties and diversities of our local respective situations, we considered planning various workshops.

Some possible themes

Urban struggles: squatts, gecekondu, urban ghettos phenomenon…
Antisecurity struggles: legal aspect, practices…
Struggle against prison: solidarity funds…
Gender and patriarchy: feminism, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
Ecology: anti nuclear, dams, sustainable energies, …
Self-managered places : cooperatives, communities, nomad housing, …
Welfare State: social security, social services…
Immigration/borders: Shengen, Frontex, border detention center, …
Minorities and State policies: kurdish, laze, çerkesse, gypsies, basque…
Antiterrorism policies

These workshops, reflecting our different and mutual practices, could end in positive actions, that we could define together, like

Supporting local struggles
Demonstrating about common concerns

It is not that easy to name that kind of event/meeting.

At first, we thought about something like ‘International militants/or/activists meeting’, though even if most of us are close to anarchist or libertarian ideas, the aim is to open the event to a larger audience.
Above ideological controversis, we believe that all individuals, whether politically involved or not in a particular movement should feel at ease in participating in that event.
Joining in positive action, sharing our best practices, imagining new strategies, strengthening solidarity, these are a few necessary goals in our agenda.

During our first discussions, we wondered if seeking that kind of opening wouldn’t bring up a major risk : loosing our necessary radicality. How can we avoid a dull consensus ? Endless ideological quarellings (reformism versus revolution, pacifism versus illegal actions…) ? How to avoid what we think are the major obstacles of some kind of meetings : a naive political enthousiasm enlightening unification of our fights ? How to escape from a kind of political short-sighted tourism ?

A draft has been or will soon be sent to different french, spanish, italian, german and greek movements and networks. We look forward getting your suggestions and contacts in order to spread this information.

Please feel free to let us know asap what you think about this proposal, send us your critics and suggestions and tell us if you wish to involve in that ambicious project ! / skype : onlinestephen

Report on HAG Library InfoNight

Hackney libraries are an essential community resource which are under threat from cuts in public services. Staff face redundancies and down-grading and the many services which libraries provide, like community events are threatened. Hackney Anarchist Group held a Libraries InfoNight at Well Furnished on July 21st to draw attention to the role of libraries in social cohesion and education to hear from campaigns to save libraries and protect jobs around London. Read more ...

What emerged from the night were some very inspiring stories of solidarity. We learned how ESOL workers at Hackney Community College had won the fight against redundancies and the wholesale closure of courses and had, at the same time, recognised their own strength as a community and ability to determine their own futures. Similarly, we were the first to hear the news that Hackney council had acceded to the demands of library workers and that, voluntary redundancies aside, had backed down on plans to downgrade existing workers and slash services. This was due, in no small part, to the collectively formulating alternatives to the councils slash-and-burn polices and making the case for the value of the services that libraries provide.

The extraordinary story of the Feminist Library’s 35 year survival as a voluntary organisation was also presented as a caution against the encroaching ‘big society’ and problems faced by volunteers battling to provide a service with extremely limited resources. We also heard how prison libraries, that receive their funding from council budgets, are struggling protect their resources and their role in enabling prisoners, many of whom have learning difficulties, to take steps into education.

Many of the steps proposed by local councils to reduce spending on libraries have already been implemented in universities where the value of library services should not be in question. Many university libraries are now open 24 hours but the extended opening hours and cuts to university budgets have meant a reduction in library staff in favour of self service electronic borrowing and the employment of security guards to police the space during the night. The result, as we heard from an employee of Queen Mary University of London library, has been an increase in mis-shelved and missing books with staff powerless to provide an adequate service. Further restructuring at Queen Mary has been mooted at a time when academics, who’s support is vital in enabling library staff to argue for maintaining essential services, areaway from the campus.

We also heard from Kim, a library user of Friern Barnet library where a library users’ group have mounted successful events to the many services that libraries provide apart from lending books and providing a space for reading and the hardships that the loss of library services would entail. 150 people crammed into a space designed for 25 to hold a read-in and demonstrate to council management that library users in Barnet are in full support of staff demands.

Libraries have, traditionally, existed as much more than a place to read and borrow books. Despite that the internet has replaced many of the functions previously provided by libraries, the fact remains that many in the community do not have access to cheap broadband or the necessary skills to navigate the web. Libraries are one the few remaining social spaces that are free to use and are also sources of both information and knowledge. Local libraries are the archives of our everyday lives, a resource for self education and a meeting place for the community. The HAG Libraries InfoNIght was an essential part of our campaign to support library workers and connect communities struggling to preserve valuable public services against the encroachments of the free market.



Email Contact email:

3 August Riot in Cappella a Casalmaggiore it

6/7 August Reclaim the Fields South West Gathering Bristol uk

The first gathering for Reclaim the Fields South West will be happening on the weekend of the 6th -7th August in Bristol.

The gathering will take place at The Factory, a squatted space and social centre at 2-8 Cave Street, St Pauls, Bristol ( Food and accommodation is available.

Confirmed workshops include how to access land, liberation permaculture, women and food production, Community Supported Agriculture structures and manifestos for community ownership. Visits to local growing projects will also take place. There will be opportunities to meet, network and discuss "Are we ready to step up and take control of food production?" and how do we make this happen in the South West. Help is still needed before and during the weekend. For more information and to get involved please email:

frankynecklace(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk // uk(at)reclaimthefields(dot)org

All are welcome, spread the word, resistance is fertile.

5/6/7 August 18th MONTE PARADISO Hardcore Punk Fest Pula hr

5/6/7 August ANIMAL RIGHTS Summer Gathering Northampton uk

This is the national gathering of the grass roots animal rights movement. It’s a chance for activists from throughout the country to get together for a weekend of talks, discussions, workshops and films on a wide range of topics connected to animal rights activism, to take stock of where we are and make plans for the future, as well as some practical and skills based workshops and activities to share and learn new skills.

There will also be plenty of time and opportunities for us to relax and unwind, to spend some time catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones, to try some tasy vegan food and drinks, all in beautiful rural surroundings.

29 Julio HC Punk Show en Barcelona

5/6 August Kanivo Chaos Fest 2011 Montreal fr

5 August Totalickers and more live in Basel ch

3 August HC Punk Show nurnberg de


El próximo 6 de Agosto, por quinto año consecutivo celebramos el Festival Punk Hardcore Playa en Almería con los siguientes grupos:

TRUTH THROUGH FIGHT (hardcore old school positivo de Jerez:​ththroughfight )

DIRTY REASON (hardcore tralla:​nband )

COBRA HUG ( punk rock almeriense )

EVER SILENCE (death/trash metal de Almería:​e)

RUIDO PODRIDO (REUNIÓN desde hace casi 4 años - hardcore ultrarápido​do)

MELANCÓLICANEFRÍTICA (veterana del festival, punk individual)

Habrá bebidas, comida y distribuidoras con precios rídiculos (si quieres poner tu distribuidora ponte en contacto con el email de abajo para preveer el espacio)
Si vienes a vender drogas o a buscar pelea, respeta a los que organizamos esto y quédate en tu casa.
Empezamos a las 22:00 y terminamos a las 3:00.
Para llegar:

28 Luglio Giovedì Post-Apocalittico @ Bengivenga Squat Roma it

Tutti i giovedi' da luglio ad agosto nel giardino del Bencivenga Occupato

* grigliata vegetariana/vegana
* musica inascoltabile
* film post-apocalittico "all the night"

Il resto della settimana cercheremo di improvvisare le serate con chi deve o vuole passare un estate nell inferno romano tra cemento e militari lasciando il proiettore sempre acceso e lo stereo sempre attivo, a disposizione libri e libercoli per conoscere meglio le piante cominciando da quelle del posto e distribuzione anarchica ma non solo.
da bere e da mangiare lo portano tutti "né serviti, né servitori!"

"chi lavora magna, chi non lavora magna e beve"

Bencivenga occupato
Roma - Via bencivenga 15 (nomentana/pietralata)
bus: 90,60, 211, 32, 84, n4

Aspectos legales del internamiento psiquiátrico

Antes de entrar a dar un breve repaso por el meollo regulador de las leyes relacionadas con el internamiento, hay que dejar claro que este es el más alto de los grados represivos de la institución psiquiátrica. Cuando una persona está sometida a un encierro que coarta su libertad de movimientos, se encuentra en la mayor situación de indefensión posible. Lo cual implica que el internamiento sea una realidad a evitar siempre que se pueda, por lo que hay que considerarlo una amenaza a tener en cuenta desde el primer momento en el que tomamos contacto con el sistema de salud mental. Como se verá en los siguientes párrafos, la orden de internamiento puede, con cierta facilidad, fundamentarse en juicios totalmente subjetivos (de hecho toda la institución psiquiátrica se basa en estos mucho más que en consideraciones objetivas, por mucho biologicismo al que apelen sus afirmaciones), por lo que se hace necesario conocer sus mecanismos de funcionamiento y los peligros que entraña.

Queremos insistir en lo importante que es estar acompañado en el caso de acudir a las instituciones médicas públicas, tanto si se va de urgencias como por derivación del médico general, siempre es positivo ir acompañado por una persona (o más) de confianza, que esté al corriente de nuestra situación y que llegado el momento pueda hablar con el psiquiatra para demostrar la existencia de un apoyo cercano y sólido para con el paciente. A menudo se dará el caso de que esta persona no pueda ser de nuestra familia (lo que sin duda constituye el caso ideal, ya que para los médicos la garantía familiar es la más convincente), y que de hecho nuestra propia familia sea un escollo más con el que enfrentarse. Cuando un psiquiatrizado se encuentra frente a esta doble barrera institucional (la psiquiátrica y la familiar), es aún más necesaria si cabe la existencia de esas personas cercanas que puedan servir para calmar los ánimos y echar un cable a la persona en tratamiento. Aquí no sólo sirven para evidenciar a las autoridades médicas el apoyo antes mencionado, sino que son cruciales para afrontar los habituales desconciertos e ignorancias de las familias afectadas. De esta manera el riesgo de que la familia dé su apoyo a decisiones médicas drásticas se ve minimizado. Aunque a alguien le pudiera parecer fuera de lugar, creemos que está bien hacer una pequeña reflexión sobre un asunto puramente estético. En el gueto político anticapitalista hay una fuerte dominante estética que conviene dejar en casa cuando nos dirigimos a la consulta de un psiquiatra, por más que les pueda joder a los puristas y a los entusiastas empedernidos de la irreductibilidad individual, cuando nos adentramos en un hospital estamos pisando territorio enemigo y nuestro aspecto pasa a ser un factor estratégico. Es importante no dar pie a interpretaciones por parte del personal médico: hay que saber interpretar el papel al que estamos jugando (en cierta medida esta es una situación análoga a la de testificar a favor de un compañero en un juicio: superada la repulsa inicial a participar en él, de lo que se trata es de ser todo lo convincente que se pueda y favorecer lo más posible a nuestro colega, aunque eso implique ponernos camisa y quitarnos los pendientes).

Otro punto para evitar el encierro es (en la medida de lo posible) evitar el tema suicidio con los médicos. No es conveniente hablar sobre ello en el caso de que la persona que acude al centro no tema por su vida. Son muchas las ocasiones en las que quitarse de en medio puede pasar por nuestras cabezas, es una idea que suele estar asociada a pensamientos obsesivos o alucinaciones, pero eso por sí mismo no quiere decir que siempre sea una posibilidad real. Si uno tiene claro que no se va a suicidar y que su integridad física no corre peligro, no hay que darle conversación al psiquiatra sobre el asunto, hay que dejar claro nuestra negativa a quitarnos la vida. Esto facilitará el que no se plantee el encierro como medida preventiva, y se centre en la medicación.

A diferencia de otros países que disponen de legislación específica, en el estado español el internamiento psiquiátrico queda regulado por leyes ordinarias (algo que se decidió con la intención de «normalizar» los derechos de los sujetos afectados por enfermedades mentales). La privación de libertad y la obligatoriedad de un tratamiento médico sólo pueden tener lugar al amparo de una decisión judicial, y esta debe tener en cuenta en todo momento los contenidos de los diferentes tratados y convenios concernientes a los derechos humanos que han sido ratificados por el estado español desde la constitución del 1978. De esta manera quedan definidos cinco puntos esenciales a los que el juez deberá atenerse en todo momento:

1) El internamiento se contempla como una medida excepcional.

2) Se considera la patología mental como un hecho susceptible de evolucionar debido a los avances científicos y a los cambios actitudinales de la propia población.

3) El internamiento durará tan sólo mientras exista la patología que lo ocasionó.

4) El control judicial que debe regir los ingresos involuntarios implica la posibilidad de que el paciente se pueda hacer oír, que sea informado de las condiciones del internamiento, y que la decisión judicial se tome en un plazo lo más breve posible.

5) La restricción de la libertad de la persona encerrada debe circunscribirse de manera exclusiva a la situación psicopatológica y el encuadre terapéutico.

Junto a este tipo de encierro involuntario existe el ingreso voluntario. Este sólo puede tener lugar cuando el paciente está en capacidad de tomar la decisión por sus propios medios. Al respecto hay que hacer dos matizaciones: la primera es que la aceptación voluntaria del ingreso (y en consecuencia, de las medidas terapéuticas establecidas y las normas de la unidad) debería realizarse por escrito; y la segunda, que en el caso de que en el ingreso se hubieran dado presiones, engaños o errores por parte de los responsables, se les puede acusar de delito apelando al artículo 163 del Código Penal. También hay que tener en cuenta que un ingreso voluntario corre el riesgo de convertirse en involuntario si las autoridades médicas alegasen que la evolución del enfermo así lo aconseja. En todo caso, en ambas modalidades de ingreso deben mantenerse intactos los derechos del paciente, quedando penadas sus violaciones, entre las que las más habituales (por desgracia) han sido existencia de habitaciones de aislamiento, la utilización laboral del enfermo y el uso de castigos para modificar su conducta.

Desde la reforma del Código Civil de 1983, el juez se convierte en el garante de los derechos fundamentales de la persona, transformando la tutela de familia en lo que se vino a llamar tutela de Autoridad. La tutela deja de ser prerrogativa exclusiva de médicos y familiares, en vías de proteger la libertad y el patrimonio de los presuntos incapaces (esta es la obtusa lógica del estado: la libertad se protege restringiéndola… queda claro que no vamos a entrar en valoraciones, y que este texto pretende aclarar el carácter legal del internamiento más que juzgar sus deficiencias e injusticias). Bajo esta óptica, el ordenamiento jurídico se permite afirmar que el juez no ordena el internamiento, sino que lo autoriza. Por esto, el artículo 211 del Código Civil de 1983 establece que:

1) «El internamiento de un presunto incapaz requerirá la previa autorización judicial, salvo que por razones de urgencia hiciesen necesaria la inmediata adopción de tal medida, de la que se dará cuenta al Juez, dentro del plazo de 24 horas».

2) «El Juez, tras examinar a la persona y oír el dictamen de un facultativo por él designado, concederá o denegará la autorización y pondrá los hechos en conocimiento del Ministerio Fiscal, a los efectos previstos por el artículo 203». Este artículo alude a que «el Ministerio Fiscal deberá promover la declaración de incapacidad, en el caso de que el cónyuge o descendientes, ascendientes o hermanos no lo hubieran solicitado (…) El Juez, de oficio, recabará información sobre la necesidad de proseguir el internamiento, cuando lo crea pertinente, y en todo caso cada seis meses, (…) y acordará lo procedente sobre la continuidad o no del internamiento».

3) «Un internamiento, que no cumpla los requerimientos expresados, podrá dar lugar a un procedimiento de habeas corpus o a la depuración de responsabilidades criminales por posible detención ilegal». El habeas corpus designa el derecho de los ciudadanos a pasar a disposición del juez dentro de un plazo límite después de su detención, para que este decida la procedencia o improcedencia de la misma.

Partiendo de la tendenciosa definición que establece el encierro como una medida terapéutica, la decisión última que lo avala concierne al especialista, al médico. No puede darse el caso de que un juez impusiera un internamiento contraindicado clínicamente (esta imposibilidad jurídica tampoco tiene sentido bajo la perfecta conveniencia con la que normalmente funcionan médicos y magistrados). Así pues, la principal condición del ingreso involuntario es la existencia documentada de una indicación médica. Esta debe tener en cuenta dos factores fundamentales: los síntomas psiquiátricos y una situación que justifique la necesidad del internamiento. La solicitud de este puede realizarla la familia, el representante legal del enfermo (en el caso de estar incapacitado legalmente o ser un menor), el Ministerio Fiscal o la policía. Se parte del supuesto de que el individuo afectado está en una situación psicopatológica que le impide tomar una decisión por sí mismo, y por lo tanto no puede ejercer los derechos que como ciudadano le permitirían estar informado y aceptar o rechazar consecuentemente las indicaciones médicas. En el caso específico en el que el sujeto sea un menor de edad, no será suficiente con la autorización de los progenitores o de quien detentase la patria potestad, sino que la autorización judicial se deberá acompañar de un informe de los servicios de asistencia al menor (además, el centro elegido deberá ser adecuado a la edad del paciente y los ingresos de larga duración son contemplados como recursos excepcionales).

Extraído del libro UHP, ¡Uníos hermanxs psiquiatrizadxs en la lucha contra la mercancía!

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Concierto Esmirri libertad! y fiesta despedida del cs Km-77 - sabado 30 julio 2011


30 julio 2011 17:00h