venerdì 24 febbraio 2012

Radio - Sunday February 19, 2012

TOTAL CHAOS - Hooligans Holiday (Voltage)

SNIFFING GLUE - Can't Tolerate Anything (Searching for Fame)
DEAD KENNEDYS - California Uber Alles (Alternative Tentacles)
HAYMAKER - Cameras in the Streets (Dranged)
HIS HERO IS GONE - Scare Tactic (Feral Ward)
CONFLICT - Do you get the picture (Mortarhate)

DISARM - Nazista de merda (Terroten)
FALLAS DEL SISTEMA - Pro Choice (Noseke)
CALAFIA PUTA - L.A. Surf (Grabado)

ANCIENT FILTH - Fore Fathers of the Apocalypse (Shock to the System)
JESUS H. BOMBS - Greed Machine (Bookoven)
GAG ORDER - Existence (Self-Released)
CHEAP SOLUTIONS - d.b.c. (Searching for Fame)
SUBVERSE - Drunk Song (Boss Tuneage)

BORN WRONG - Party banter (Self-Released)
BORN WRONG - Burn a debt (Self-Released)
FLASH GORDON - Yakinu Warfare
FLASH GORDON - 9 Years of Sodom

DISCO VIETNAM - Neon Angst (Searching for Fame)
KRAUTBOMBER - Nichts mit der sache (Searching for Fame)
THE HIGH SOCIETY - Schatten uber Nurnberg (Searching for Fame)
HYSTESESE - Headlocked (Searching for Fame)
PRESS GANG - Fed up with everything (Searching for Fame)
SHOT NERVES - Doomsday Distraction (Self-Released)
SHOT NERVES - All Ages (Self-Released)
APPARATUS - Class Conflict (Disarmament)
PEACE OR ANNHILATION - Atom bombs (Self-Released)

THE RETROS - All Talk, No Action (BDR)
STATUES - Where are You? (Deranged)
NEGATIVE LIFESTYLE - Radio silence (Deranged)
FUNEROT - Dead end (Inimical)
KNIFED - Fuck Dublin (Lengua Armada)
FRONT LINE - The red hour (Beach Impediment)

AM-NECIA - Unidas el Cambron
RUIDO DE ODIO - La Prensa (Bizarre)
TROPEIZO - Monopolizene el saber (PBT)
DISVASTACION - Soldiers of Dent (Self-Released)

ILEGAL - Krisis de conciencia (Lengua Armada)
BAD BRAINS - Banned in DC (Caroline)
NO PROBLEM - Spoiled little jerk (Deranged)
HOUSE OF COMMONS - Feed Us, Feed Us (Artcore)
VENGEANCE - Behind my back (Searching for Fame)

F.P.O. - Drink it, Smoke it, Sniff it (625 Thrash)
RED INSECT - Police Bastard (Obrazek)
APATIA - Rasizm (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)
SOUND YOUR ALARM - Tax (Inget Javla Chafs)
BOMBANFALL - Halsning fran helvetet (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
VIOLENT FUTURE - Goon Life (Self-Released)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Government Takeover (Self-Released)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Bloody Victims (Self-Released)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Violent Future (Self-Released)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Life Sucker (Self-Released)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Fatal Reality (Self-Released)


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