lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

MONSTER COLLECTION - Workshop/exhibition. 21 Jan 2012 @ THE RED GALLERY. London

“Monster Collection is a project that involve different artists and practices, from paintings to sound art.
The goal is to explore new links between fine arts and sound.

In a world made by more and more complex interactions made by expensive technologies, we want to focus on a simpler, naïve and DIY approach.

During Monster Collection Workshop we are going to link painted canvas with the lowest technologies artefacts, exploring what kind of relationship we can find through an hands-on environment pushing people to literally play with paint and electronics to build screaming monster-canvases!”
Sound monster is an interactive sound art object made by a canvas, paint and electronics therefore all participants need to pay for material costs in order to take home they sound monsters. Estimated price £15-£25.
After the workshop all sound monsters will be exhibited and can be played together creating a “Sound monster” live performance.

SATURDAY 21 JAN. from 11:00am to 20:00.
Part of the REDSONIC festival. 19-29 January 2012

3 Rivington Street
London - EC2A 3DT

Here's the blog!

Here's the promo vid!

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