domenica 22 gennaio 2012


Copies coming in soon! After various delays almost, if not all caused by yours truly, here's the new issue of ATD out a little later than I wish it would have been. To make up for it, though, it's a split with one of the best fanzines, Ratcharge, thats been running since before I heard Black Flag for the first time. My side's got some babbling about Disclose, No Fucker, Big Boys, Ben Parker's music writing, and Vile Gash, along with a letter, some photos, and writing about 11 sick records. Alex's side has got a live interview with mongo rockers Tyvek, an interview with La Vida Es Un Mus Records, an interview with Sun Ra, and some other stuff I'm eager to read. 350 copies, I'm getting in only around 150, so act fast if you're gonna order from me. Feel It zine distro is getting 50 copies as well if you wanna play with an online shopping cart.

$3 ppd, $2 wholesale, and $4 world, but if you live overseas I'd highly reccomend picking it up from a distro.

ATD #8 coming as soon as I can manage it, look out for a Vile Gash interview, photos of skating (and maybe bands), and a shit ton of writing about punk, records, tapes, zines, and all that kind of trash. On another note, I write a regular column in MRR now, it's called Mutant Rock.

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