martedì 31 gennaio 2012

Age of Woe - European tour, April 2012

Age Of Woe is made out of people from bands such as End of All, Massmord, Future Ruins, Fredag den 13:e, Terrorstat, No Hawaii, The Deadists and The Process to name a few.
We just released a 7" vinyl and it has also been released digitally world wide (Spotify etc). Listen to the song "The Antagonist" here:

Read more about Age Of Woe here:

European tour, April 2012
5 Tbc, Copenhagen, Denmark
6 Ajz, Neubrandenburg, Germany
7 Pilon, Toruń, Poland
8 Tba, Warsawa, Poland
9 Kawiarnia Naukowa, Krakow, Poland
10 Liwi, Leipzig, Germany
11 Tba, Dresden, Germany
12 Gerber 3, Weimar, Germany
13 Rote Flora, Hamburg, Germany
14 1000Fryd, Aalborg, Denmark

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