martedì 3 gennaio 2012

Fecal Attack! Vol. 1 Comp. Tape (1994)

A look into the scene of early/mid 90's as well. This was released by me, through good old tape trading channels. All bands, except Hoću? Neću! from Kraljevo, Serbia, are from different parts of Croatia, playing various styles; punk, metal, hardcore, noise. It was all the same underground network, that was as you see very active during the war at here, too. Home dubbed, photocopied cover with cut and paste layout, recordings often lo fi, pretty much the same thing as with most of 80's tape compilations. I am not completely sure about the year it was released, but I think it should be 1994. There was Fecal Attack Vol. 2 Comp. Tape with much more of early/mid 90's Croatian underground bands, but my master tape didn't survived, maybe it will be too some day ripped by someone and available in digital format. Here you have; Dry Nurses, Soter, Abzž Normalan, Nonsense, Trauma, Deafness By Noise, No Comment, Frontalni Udar, Sexton, Apatridi, Amen, Antitude, Hoću? Neću!, T.R.B.U.H., Desinence Mortification, Gruuthaagy, and Sprovod. Special thanx to Zlajo and Alex of Audio Heaven blog for this, let the true underground spirit live forever!


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