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Equalizing Distort-Radio - Sunday, January 15, 2012

NO PROBLEM - Isn't This Fun (Deranged)

THE JOLTS - Czar Bomb (Sudden Death)
TV FREAKS - Never finish what you start (Self-Released)
THE AVERSIONS - Hypnotist extraordinaire (Die in Style)
CAREERS IN SCIENCE - The luxury of forgetting (Self-Released)

THE SAINTE CATHERINES - Machine gets under way (Self-Released)
THE ROTTEN - Human disaster (Rebel time)
RANDY - Karl Marx and history (Burning heart)
PROPAGANDHI - Utter ccrap song (G7 Welcoming committee)
WESTON - Feet (Gern Blansten)

PHOBIA - Rise Up (Deep Six)
LEPTOS PIROSE - Em maio todo mundo janta pipoca na minha cidade (Laja / Criminal Attack)
KASTRAT - Mosaik (Scum Musick)
PICKED ON - Snakepit (Self-Released)
LANDMINE MARATHON - Time Movement (Deep Six)

VAPIDS - Ain't got no sense (Double Hell)
DELINQUENTS - Holidays (Self-Released)
RICHMOND SLUTS - Drive me wild (Disaster)
RACKULA - Mark Lanegan (Self-Released)
RIPTIDES - Degenerate Girl (Goblin)

KVOTERINGEN - Forbanna Den.... (De Nihil)
BLITZ - Fight to live (Captain OI!)
ANSTALT - Borderline (De Nihil)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE - The heat (Feral Ward)
POISON IDEA - Nothing is Final (Alchemy)

FILTH - Today's lesson (Lookout)
SWEET BABY - She's so fine (Lookout)
CRIMPSHRINE - Another Day (Maximumrocknroll)
BLATZ - Fuk shit up (Lookout)
OPERATION IVY - I got no (Maximumrocknroll)

MAD PIGS - F.O.A.D. 2010 (Voltage)
THE VARUKERS - Don't Conform (Captain Oi!)
EVACUATE - Final Solution (Voltage)
THE EXPLOITED - Alternative (Captain Oi!)
YOUTH BRGADE - Fight to Unite (BYO)

Demo Feature
BRAZEN HELL - Torment (Self-Released)
BRAZEN HELL - Disinherit (Self-Released)
BRAZEN HELL - Servitude (Self-Released)
BRAZEN HELL - Blockade (Self-Released)
BRAZEN HELL - Dormant (Self-Released)


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