domenica 8 gennaio 2012


I'll put my paw on my heart & confess that this is, or at least was, available elsewhere on the www. I downed this fine quality recording of pre-first demo D.I. many moons ago. I don't remember from exactly where it was foraged from but it's probably still out there...

"For anyone that might be intrigued to hear some super early pre-crust/metal Deviated Instinct when we were just a fairly basic & straightforward anarchopunk sounding band, I've just discovered a full live set from 1985 online free to download. Decent quality recording, can't say the same about the actual playing but hey, we were but young un's & I think it captures the moment & spirit of the time..."
[posted by Mid on the Profane Existence message boards]

01 Perhaps
02 Horsemen Of The Mind [1] Pestilence
03 Thought Control
04 Horsemen Of The Mind [2] Famine
05 Possession
06 Horsemen Of The Mind [3] War
07 Screaming Into The Wind
08 Horsemen Of The Mind [4] Death
09 There Must Be More
10 Mindfucker
11 Eat The Rich
12 Statement


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