domenica 8 gennaio 2012

demokhratia european tour

Hey !

Here's the schedule for the algerian hardcore-punk band Demokhratia ( European tour in April 2012. Some help needed especially in Scandinavia. Please write to tranzo (at)

APRIL 2012
Tuesday 3rd : France (F)
Wednesday 4th : Paris (F)
Thursday 5th : Nancy (F) or Freiburg (D)
Friday 6th : Bremen (D)
Saturday 7th : ?? or Hamburg (D)
Sunday 8th : Hamburg (D) (Lobusch) or Copenhaguen (DK)
Monday 9th : (DK) help needed
Tuesday 10th : Göteborg (S) help needed
Wednesday 11th : Oslo (N) (Blitz)
Thursday 12th : Stockholm (S) help needed
Friday 13th : Malmö(S)
Saturday 14th : Gdansk (PL)
Sunday 15th : Warsaw (PL)
Monday 16th : Cracow (PL)
Tuesday 17th : Brno (CZ)
Wednesday 18th Vienna (A) (Ekh)
Thursday 19th : Praha (CZ) (Cafe Na Pul Cesty)
Friday 20th : Leipzig (D) (Zoro)
Saturday 21st : Berlin (D) (Köpi)
Sunday 22nd : (D) help needed
Monday 23rd : (D) help needed
Tuesday 24th : Zurich/Bremgarten (CH) help needed
Wednesday 25th : Biel (CH) help needed
Thursday 26th : Geneve (CH) (Moloko)
Friday 27th : Dijon (F) (Tanneries)
Saturday 28th : St-Etienne (F) (Gueule Noire)

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