sabato 7 gennaio 2012


Doors 7:30 £5 advance (TICKETS HERE) £6 on the door

Swedish filmmaker/producer Mia Engberg portrays people living on the outskirts of society: skinheads; transsexuals; punk kids. In 2001, she was at the centre of international festival interest with her first Swedish lesbian erotic film Selma & Sofie, which was made by an all female crew.

Her newest project, Dirty Diaries, is a diverse collection of twelve queer feminist porn shorts. With the help of the Swedish Film Institute, Engberg commissioned twelve filmmakers to create erotic films – they way like it. On their release in 2009, the films gained notoriety, especially because the project was publicly funded. The shorts oscillate between soft and hardcore, queer and hetero, and creatively play with porno stereotypes.

So what do women want and what does feminist porn made by women look like? Engberg and her friends show us their films – their lives celebrating, investigating and playing with (as Caitlin Moran writes in her recent book How To Be A Woman) ‘free-range’ porn.

Dirty Diaries Dir. Joanna Rytel / Sara Kaaman / Ester Martin Bergsmark / Marit Östberg / Tora Mårtens 105 mins

A diverse collection of Swedish feminist porn.

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