venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

Equalizing Distort-Radio - Sunday, December 18, 2011

This is our annual Christmas show where we play songs about Christmas, be they good, bad, or ugly. THis show is an annual event hosted and programmed by Pete Genest of Hits and Misses records, because he is such a big fan of Christmas.

ANGRY SNOWMANS - Drinkin' Rum and Eggnog (Absolute)

FEAR - Another Christmas Beer (The End)
CAPTAIN SENSIBLE - One Christmas Catalogue (A and M)
THE FALL - A Protein Christmas (Action)
U.K. SUBS - Hey Santa (Dojo)

ANGRY SNOWMANS - Green and Red (Absolute)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Lights Up (Absolute)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Slave to Saint Nick (Absolute)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Fruitcakes (Absolute)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Elves of the North Pole (Absolute)

THE CUTE LEPERS - Christmas is the time to say I love you (Blackheart)
RAMMA LAMMA - Rock 'n Roll Lady (Certified PR)
CANDYBAND - I Want a Big Fat Cookie for Christmas (Mo Pop)
THE YOBS - Oy Santa (Captain Oi!)
THE YOBS - Ballad of the Warrington (Captain Oi!)

BLINK 182 - I Won't be Home for Christmas (Immortal)
SQUIRTGUN - Blue Christmas (Self-Released)
SHOWER WITH GOATS - Rudolph (Drive-Thru)
THE VANDALS - Grandpa's Last X-Mas (Kung Fu)

MARK BELL AND HIS ELVES - C'mon Santa (Gulcher)
THE REAL PILLS - It's Almost December (Flying Bomb)
NADROJ AND THE WOLRATS - Forget It (Midnight)
APACHE - X-mas Song (Burger)
THE BELLRAYS - Merry Christmas baby (Vital Gesture)

ANGRY SNOWMANS - Twenty Lights on my tree (Absolute)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Don't Naughty Me (Absolute)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Candy Cane Addiction (Absolute)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Decoration (Absolute)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Wasted Elf (Absolute)

THORAZINE - Merry Stupid Fuckin' Christmas (Hell Yea)
BLOOD SAUSAGE - Fuck Christmas, Fuck Santa, Fuck You
SLOPPY SECONDS - Hooray For Santa (Taang)
THE VINDICTIVES - I'm Gettin' Nuttin' For Christmas (Lookouts)

CRASS - Merry Crassmas (Crass)


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