venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

Anarcho-punk zine PunkWay #6, 2011 (full english version)

Hello, activists, and everyone who just getting train!) Tis number took away from us much time and eforts as never before, which is why we delayed twice its exit, but (independently of whether you’re waiting it out, helped to create it or never heard about) PunkWay zine # 6 is in front of you. Tis time the magazine was released in two versions: Russian and English. Te English version made in order to make zine became more interesting in a way of unite all punks who knows English and free-thinking people from all over the world to share experiences and works at the following edition of zine. Does it sound as a great idea? Let’s see what will happen...) And now read reports that shares events, tips, a lot of theory, creativity and a lot of practice from the activists from the CIS countries!

We do not need sympathizers. We do not need someone who like our magazine. We do not need people who carry it in a backpack. We need those people who are walking with us nip and tuck. We need people who are ready to speak. We need those who carry our thoughts in their minds and our ideas in their hearts. Boys and girls are getting ready to uprise.

01 - Intro
02 - Introduction
03 - News
04 - No extremes
05 - Obvious and impossible
06 - How..?
07 - Fuck the system inside?!
08 - «So, who is the boss of the media?»
09 - Radicalism vs Reformism
10 - Don’t wed over
11 - Free journeys
12 - Translations of songs
13 - Punk poem
14 - Punk cartoon
15 - Before the dawn
16 - A recipe for an ideal world
17 - Public Rally against Animal Cruelty
19 - Translation and scoring of films
20 - The analysis of the campaign «Russian running»
21 - Round table conference devoted to extremism resistance
22 - Report on the Deserter’s Day-2011 festival
23 - Report on the Forum «Libcom-2011»
24 - Links
25 - DIY-fests
26 - Thank you!
+ bonuses

Download at: 8.45 mb)

Download PunkWay #6 (full english version) (10Mb, pdf, 52 pages)

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