sabato 17 dicembre 2011

Conspiracy Of Denial demo CDR self-released

It's been months since I got this fucking awesome demo but I was lazy enough to review it...

Better late than never, once again, I guess...

First of all, I consider some of the members of Conspiracy Of Denial as friends of mine, and besides that my band has shared the stage with them a couple of times, and I strongly believe that they are one of the most sincere DIY bands nowadays... So, I am definitely into them no matter the style they play or their technical skills and other bullshit. Hardcore / punk is too many more things than just music and you all know this or else this blog is not for you.

So, Conspiracy Of Denial are based in Athens, Greece and include ex-members of bands like Injekting Chaos and Katiusha. In their first demo they deliver 3 songs of neo-crust, being influenced by bands like Tragedy & From Ashes Rise. Also, there are some parts of post - hardcore in their music that remind me of Fall Of Efrafa and Ekkaia.

You get the deal... Melodic yet huge riffs, tight rhythm section, melancholic atmosphere and screaming vocals (by a girl this time, fuck the male oriented hardcore scene...).

2 of the songs are sung in english, while the 2nd song of the demo features greek lyrics. This song is undoubtedly my favorite one and one of my favorite songs for 2011.

Conspiracy Of Denial are very active in the local scene nowadays and as far as I know they are preparing a 7", while playing shows all over Greece.

Get this demo wherever your find it.

No myspace, no facebook, no social media for Conspiracy Of Denial, sorry.

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