sabato 17 dicembre 2011

About Accion Mutante Collective

The Beginning

After 1990, the concerts that took place in the city of Kavala had as their main purpose to support political prisoners or to contribute to the political struggle. The concerts were part ( and not a complement) of the political and social struggle. These were issues of principle and personal morality towards these struggles. Of course, behind all of these, was the Autonomous Centre. The only difference between the metropolitan cities (Athens, Thessaloniki) and Kavala was the potential these cities had to offerconcerts in a regular basis, as an integral part of an alternative culture.

The Accion

The Autonomous Centre, besides being a place where political ideas and social activism are expressed, it is also functioning as a place for alternative entertainment, library and record shop, From the moment onwards we realized that concerts could be organized not only in a political basis, a number of people from Autonomous Centre and the technological institution of Kavala got organized and created Accion. A number of concerts with greek and foreign bands, parties and one day festivals took place. Accion Mutante has clear principles in relation to the bases the concerts should be held, what bands should play and how the concert should be organized. Moreover, Accion Mutante, as part of the Autonomous Centre, is cleary based on the model of self-organization and on the autonomy of its members.

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