lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

Resonance FM - The Sound Projector Show

Friday 2nd December 2011
Urbsounds Mix --- Music selected by Monika and Daniel of Jamka

Presented by Ed Pinsent / The Sound Projector:

Thanks to Monika and Daniel of Jamka for playing Sudden Infant.


Eric Boros: “Polar Bear” / concert download (2:45)
Sudden Infant: ‘Kopi’ / My life is a A Gunshot Retrospective 1989-2009 Vol. 1 LP (1:30)
Kites: “Something about America” / Peace Trial LP (3:30)
Dave Phillips track number 4 / Illusion is a natural condition CD (collaborations between dp and r.h.y. Yau (1:14)
rbnx, Jasna sprava (clear message)/ rbnx split cassette with hlukas, (1:23)
Wolf Eyes: Reaper Gong / Burned Mind LP (4:03)
Assück: State To State / State To State ep, (0:54)
Prurient: A Meal Can Be Made / Bermuda Drain LP (2:16)
Shangaan Electro: Ntombi Ya Mugaza / New Wave Dance Music From South Africa LP (5:32)
Group Bombino: Imuhar / Guitars From Agadez vol 2 LP (5:00)
Vialka: Petit Mot / La Poursuite de l’Excellence LP LP (3:34)
Coil: Main Title / The Unreleased Themes For Hellraiser (2:42)
Urbanfailure: Loading / Urbsounds Collective LP (1:12)
Rehberg & Bauer: Spat-fridge (gar mix) / 12” (4:35)
Mika Vainio: Open Up And Bleed / life (… it eats you up) LP (8:14)
Conrad Schnitzer: Silvester Anfang / on Mayhem’s Deathcrush LP (1:57)
Jamka: Sland / Pari Passu CD (6:03)
Urbsounds: Music Bus / Short Circuit – Mozaika Compilation CD (4:21)
Chris Corsano: How will you learn more successfully from your coach than just looking and listening? / The Young Cricketer LP (2:46

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