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PUNK RADIO-Punk Rock Record Party #17 (12.23.11)

You will now be able to find the Punk Rock Record Party shows on this page as well as the Punk Rock Record Party website. If anyone else does a show and wants it posted here, please get in touch. After all, hosting multiple radio shows and punk podcasts was the original intent behind this website.

SHOW #17
Ralph Neilsen AndThe Chancellors - "Scream"

SET 1: Raw 70's Punk!
Albertos Y Lost Trios Paranoias - "Kill"
Deadbeats - "Kill The Hippies"
Pure Hell - "Noise Addiction"
Killjoys - "Johnny Won't Get To Heaven"

SET 2: Toxic Shock Label
Massacre Guys - "Cold Storage"
Corrosion of Conformity - "Rabid Dogs"
Raw Power - "State Oppression"
Dayglow Abortions - "Dog Farts"
Zero Boys - "Civilization's Dying"

SET 3: Toxic Shock Mailorder
Justice League - "Use Your Own Head"
Scared Straight - "School II"
Pillsbury Hardcore - "Heavy Phuckin' Metal"
Blood Farmers - "Cranked Up"
Roach Motel - "Brooke Shields Must Die"

SET 4: Over The Counter #1
Germs - "Lexicon Devil"
Misfits - "Horror Hotel"
Gang Green - "Terrorize"
Toxic Reasons - "War Hero"
Mob - "Crucial Point"

SET 5: The Previous Decade
Caustic Christ - "Can't Relate"
Knights of the New Crusade - "Cowards of Christiandom"
Gorilla Angreb - "Astma"
State - "Noise Complaint"
Race Against Time - "Wasted Life"

--Download The Show: Click Here

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