martedì 20 dicembre 2011

Montreal’s 7th annual International Anarchist Theatre Festival May 2012

The Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival (MIATF), the only theatre festival in the world dedicated to showcasing anarchist theatre, is currently seeking submissions to be staged in May, 2012.

Application deadline: January 20, 2012.

The MIATF is looking for English , French plays and monologues or silent pièces on the theme of anarchism or any subject pertaining to anarchism, i.e. against all forms of power including the State, capitalism, war, alienation, critiques of salaried work, etc.

We will also consider pieces exploring ecological, social and economic justice, race, poverty,class and gender from an anarchist perspective. We welcome work from anarchist and non-anarchist writers.

The MIATF offers local audiences an opportunity to see world class, socially engaged theatre of different forms. Past Festivals have featured:

from the United States, The Living Theatre, The Bread & Puppet Theatre, The Flat Earth Theatre
from Paris, Nicolas Mouret, Monique Surel (author of Au temps de l’anarchie, un théâtre du combat) and Maylis Bouffartigue
from Québec, Norman Nawrocki, Joseph Shragge and Bruno Massé among others

The MIATF is an all-volunteer production. It provides lodging and assumes the cost of meals for out-of-town artists.

Companies and artists who wish to have their work considered should fill out and send in the application form below.

Please send by email to:

Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival
C.P. 266, Succ. ‘C’
Montreal, QC H2L 4K1

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