martedì 20 dicembre 2011

Kebele infoshop special collection DJ session this Saturday cafe

Saturday 24th December. 11-2. Kebele infoshop DJ session at Kebele cafe.

It’s come to our attention here at the Kebele infoshop bunker that we have a problem:

a) people are sick to death of christmas shopping in the corporate temples

b) people can’t afford to buy all the shit they tell us we need to be happy or show our loved ones how much we care

c) people are missing some total undiscovered, off the downtrodden track, gems and bargains on the Kebele infoshop, unaware of the anticapitalist shopping potential contained therein.

So, with your vegan fry up this Saturday we’re offering you a tour of the world (with no exploited reindeer or wronguns in coca cola costume involved) via the infoshop’s special collection of hip hop, ska, punk and folk from around the world. Bring in the new year with sounds of revolt turned up loud. Pick up some proper christmas hits and check out a lot of new stock for your stocking (or balaclava?) filler ideas. You know it makes sense. Merry crisis from the infoshop collective.

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