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Infezione - Chiediti Il Perche - 12''lp 1989

Infezione - Chiediti Il Perche 12''lp - misterX records 1989

Infezione were coming from Modena, North of Italy, which was also the cradle of the Italian car industry. This 1989 lp was their second release after the self-released "Opressione Quotidiana" tape.
"Chiediti Il Perche" could be roughly translated as "You're asking Why", While the Italian punk H/C scene started to lose all its interest at the end of the eighties, putting out mediocre bad metal albums, eating too much pasta, being all skateboard and bandanas and less spiky hair and studded jackets, Infezione remained an angry and pissed-off band, unrelentlessly spewing anarchist messages in their songs. Here you have the complete display in this album, a pro-vegetarian, an anti-vivisection, a pro-feminist, an anti-religion, anti-imperialist song, you got them all!!! In one single record!!! How fantastic!!! Displayed on the album's back cover is the famous Sacco & Vanzetti picture.
Musically, this is classical mid-tempo to fast Italian Hard Core, guitar sound is thin but have an interesting texture.

The song "dimensione progresso dimensione regresso", performed live in Firenze, C.S.A. Indiano (december 1987), could be seen here:
The website is also a great ressource about the Italian scene of the eighties.

Clean mp3s of this album can be obtained here:

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