lunedì 26 dicembre 2011

Geranium Upcoming tour with BOREDOM :

Upcoming tour with BOREDOM :

15.02.12 AUGSBURG (DE), Ballonfabrik
16.02.12 STRASBOURG (FR), Molodoi tbc
17.02.12 NANCY (FR), Soap Box
18.02.12 DARMSTADT (DE), Oettinger Villa w/ Eiltank (DE), Unquiet (DE)
19.02.12 KÖLN (DE), tba
26.02.12 AMSTERDAM (NL), tba
27.02.12 NIJMEGEN (NL), tba
28.02.12 GERMANY, tbc
29.02.12 BERLIN, tbc
1.03.12 GERMANY, tbc
02.03.12 LINZ (AT), Stadtwerkstatt w/ Kain, Gattaca (CZ)

We gonna record a song for a sampler. The topic is less than one minute, so let's go !
We're supposed to record a cover for an other sampler to celebrate the 20th birthday of the french label STONEHENGE. The principle : each band covers a song from one of the stuff Christophe released during these 20 years, records it and then on a vinyl. We'll keep you posted.
We gonna go on tour with our friends from BOREDOM in early 2012, it's gonna rock !

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