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Freedom In fire Kollective Presents


18/12/2011 - Gura (drone-doom-mathrock) @ Kinky Star, Vlasmarkt 9, Gent. Free entrance! Start 21h30.

18/12/2011 - Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs, Freaks 77 @ On air studio in Mons. €8

19/12/2011 - Wasted Youth (hcpunk Germany), The Detonators (punk'n'folk/r'n'r/rockabilly Serbia) @ café Le Cheminot, Place Leopold 13, Mons.

20/12/2011 - New York Ska Jazz Ensemble (USA), Freddy Loco and his Gordo ska band @ Magasin 4, Avenue du Port 51B, Brussels. Start 19h. €10 / €12.

21/12/2011 - The City (hard rock'n'roll), Coubiac (heavy chaotic rock) @ DNA, Brussels. Doors 20h, First band 20h20, Second band 21h20.

22/12/2011 - xAC-benefietx, FadeX, Vrij podium + jamsessie, smoke-free, alcohol-free drinks @ 't Assez, Sparrestraat 1A, Ghent. Start 20h.

22/12/2011 - Fallacies (post hc/rock UK), Ilydaen (postrock Liège), Castles (mathcore) @ Carlo Levi, Rue Saint Léonard 48, Liège.Start 20h, €5.

23/12/2011 - Bruges finest christmas party : Shredder (trash), Wasted (punkrock), Sade (crust), Fields of Troy @ Café 't Boldershof, Ronsaardbekestraat 80, Brugge. €3. Start 19h!

23/12/2011 - Fuck Christmas #3 with Different Stories (metal/hc), Set Things Right (posthc), Generation 84 (punkrock), Billy the Kill (poppunk), Not So Much (punkrock) + different stage with DnB/Dub/Techno/Electro/... @ JH Centraal, Lusthovenlaan 10, Mortsel. €4. Start 17h30.

24/12/2011 - Christ-mas Fiesta with Yiyi gomez (Soul'n'roll SPA), Candela Fina (original cumbia power), Sebaska (ska), DJ Fonky Tuur @ Molotov, Voetweg 48, Ghent. Free entrance.

28/12/2011 - Start "100 uren Vort'n Vis", de Vort'n Vis blijft 100u aan een stuk open! Open tot 1 januari, 20u! Verschillende activiteiten, zie poster : ! Gratis entree!

29/12/2011 - The Usual Suspects + more (?) @ Rockcafé, Oude Markt, Leuven

29-30/12/2011 - Punk Im Eimer 2011 : Isolation, Last Legion Alive, Link, Auweia, T.O.D., Unrest, MorbidMoshAttack, Next War Ends, Punk-O-Mat, Protest Grotesk, Frontex, Insonnia, Estrella Negra @ AZ Wuppertal, Markomannenstr 3, Wuppertal, GERMANY. €5 for one day, €8 for two days. Doors 14h, first band 16h. + Movie, Lecture, Vegan food, ... !

31/12/2011 - Coverkill (heavy metal coverband from Switzerland), Osica (BE), Das Pathetic (electro punk BE), La Societe elle a mauvaise haleine (anarchopunk FRA) + afterparty @ Carlo Levi, Rue Saint Léonard 48, Liège. Start 20h till early morning, €5.


07/01/2012 - Guerre Froide (FR, post-punk/cold wave), Neutral Lies (FR, new wave/synthpop), Mongolito (Dark ambiant, FR) @ La Zone, Quai de l'Ourthe 42, Liège. €8. Start 20h.

07/01/2012 Abject Object (melodic 80's hcpunk FRA), Black Spirals (hardcore FRA), Zombipils (Thrash!), The Immigrants (80's hc BE) + afterparty (hc/oi!/punk classics) @ Le Bateau Ivre, Rue de Nimy 1, Mons. €5. Start 20h!

07/01/2012 - WolfxDown (anarchist xvx hardcore GER), Morda + more tbc @ Cinépalace, Zwevegemsestraat 13, Kortrijk. Start 20h.

07/01/2012 - Cocyte, Sekhmet, Hybrid Viscery, Bursting @ Maison de Manants, Rue des Prés Brion, GIVES. Doors 17h, first band 18h15, ends at midnight. €4.

10/01/2012 - Bacchus (IRE), Link (BE) + 1 more @ Vort'n Vis, St. Jacobsstraat 3, Ieper. Start 19h!

11/01/2012 - GWAR (USA), Sister (USA), Collapse (UK) @ Trix, Antwerpen. €15 presale.

13/01/2012 - A den of Robbers (grind cult), Alkerdeel (filthy black sludge doom) @ Oemtata, Pastorijstraat 40, 9940 Ertvelde. Free show. Starts at 21h.

13/01/2012 - Negura Bunget (atmospheric black/folk metal ROM), Agamendon (melodic death metal GER), Din Brad (Folk/rock ROM) @ Garcia Lorca, Rue des Foulons 47/49, Brussels. €12.

14/01/2012 - Kylesa (sludge/metal USA), Circles takes the square (post HC USA), Ken Mode (noise/metal CAN), Coubiac (stoner/hc BE) @ Magasin 4, Avenue du Port 51B, Brussels. Doors 19h30. €14/17.

20/01/2012 - Persistence Tour 2012 : Suicidal Tendencies (USA), Biohazard (USA), Terror (USA), Walls of Jericho (USA), Lionheart (USA), Crushing Caspers (GER), Nasty (BE/GER), Fallbrawl (GER), Nothingness (FRA) @ Brielpoort Deinze, Lucien Mathyslaan 9. €26!

20/01/2012 Last Legion Alive (stenchcore BE), Nahende Vernichtung (d-beat'n'roll BE), Visions of War (crustpunk BE) @ Lille (France, just over the border). Venue tba.

20/01/2012 - Cut Here! (last show), Citizens Patrol, Scheisse Minnelli, King Terror, Reproach, Priceduifkes @ JH Vibro, Molenstraat 50, Heist op den Berg. First band 8h, €5.

21/01/2011 - Last Legion Alive (stenchcore BE), Visions of War (crustpunk BE) @ 't Posthuis, Bredabaan 351, Wuustwezel. Start 19u, €2.

21/01/2012 - Erazor (black thrash metal Germany), Irony (metalpunks Brussels) @ Le Magick, 331 Rue de Dave, 5100 Jambes (Namur) €7.

21/01/2012 - Up River (melodic punk UK) + support @ Carlo Lévi, Rue Saint Léonard 48, Liège.

26/01/2012 - Truro (punkrock UK), The Shuffle (punkrock UK) @ Café De Geniepegen Drauk, Sint Jorisstraat, Aalst. Doors 19h, start 20h. Free show! Organized by rock'n'load concerts.

27/01/2012 - Goodbyeshow The Jesters (15 years of punkrock, last gig), Unite against Society (Oi!, last gig), The City Rockers (Bouwel punx, last gig), The Priceduifkes (punkrock masters, not their last show!) @ 't Zaaltje, Morkhoven (near Herentals). Starts at 19h. + ska/punk/rockabilly/pshycho/soul/garage/surf/... afterparty!

29/01/2012 - The Adjectives (punkrock), Trapped inside (female fronted hc), Rebuild (melodic hc), Archetype (UK, melodic hc) @ JC Horizont, Gestelsesteenweg 154, Meerhout. Doors 18h30, start 19h. €4.


02/02/2012 - Dead Swans, Horror Show, A Strenght Within, Accept the Change, Rebuild @ Kavka, Oudaan 14, Antwerp. Start 18h.

03/02/2012 - La Dispute (USA), Former Thieves (USA) @ JH Kavka, Oudlaan 14, Antwerpen. Doors 20h. €8 vvk.

03/02/2012 - Origin (death metal USA)), Psycroptic (death metal AUS), Leng Tch'e (grindcore), Slaughtery @ Magasin 4, Avenue du Port 51B, Brussels. Doors 19h. €10/€14.

03/02/2012 - Reunie van Radio Bikini (NL - eerste show na 7 jaar!), Krush (grindcrust), The Usual Suspects (anarchodubskapunk BE) @ De Onderbroek, Tweede Walstraat 21, Nijmegen, NETHERLANDS.

04/02/2012 - Penta B-dayBash @ Vort'n Vis with The Ignored (punkrock), Fields of Troy (metalcore), The Zygoma Disposal (mathcore), Tarmak (punk), Dr. Shnabel (thrash/hc/punk), Inside the Hail (metalcore), Steengruis (grindcore), Mr. Shred and the Alliance (punk/hc) + afterparty with DJ Ludorious @ Vort'n Vis, St. Jacobsstraat 3, Ieper. Start 15h, first band 15h30. €5. Gratis vat!!

04/02/2012 - Ten years with Ulcerate, Svart Crown, Panchrysia, Emeth, Fumes of Decay, Murder intentions @ Frontline, Overpoortstraat 37, Gent. €10 vvk. Doors 17h.

07/02/2012 - The End of Ernie (punk BE), Ulrikes Dream (metalcrust BE), Destroy Humanity (thrash metal BE) @ Cafe Koeistjeit, Mechelbaan 100, Beerzel. Start 19h, Free entrance!

10/02/2012 - Nine Eleven (melodic hc FRA), Accept the Change (hardcore BE), The Homeless (hardcore BE) @ Café De Geniepegen Drauk, Sint Jorisstraat, Aalst. Doors 19h, start 20h. Free show! Organized by rock'n'load concerts.

10/02/2012 - Herätys (hc SWE), Youth Avoiders (hcpunk FRA) @ The Pits, Sint-Rochuslaan 1, Kortrijk. Start 19h30.

10/02/2012 - King Terror (hcpunk BE), Speedcorpse (thrash BE), Silence Means Death (crust'n'roll BE) + one more @ Cercle de Droit, ULB - Campus du Solbosh, Brussels. First band at 20h!

10/02/2012 - The Filaments (skacore UK), Deadline (streetpunk UK), Usual Suspects (anarchoskadubpunx BE), Black Sheep @ Magasin 4, Avenue du port 51b, Brussels. Start 20h. €10

13/02/2012 - Impure Wilhelmina (metal/post hardcore SWI), Zatokrev (Doom metal SWI) @ Le Smile, Rue des Célestines 16, Liège.

17/02/2012 - Le Pelican Frisé (ska FRA), Groovin' Jailers (skareggaepunk FRA) @ Magasin 4, Avenue du Port 51B, Brussels. Doors 20h.

17+18/02/2012 - Frost Punx Picnic @ Mulheim, GERMANY. Bands confirmed so far : Deviated Instinct, Instinct of Survival.

18/02/2012 - Ieper Hardcore Winterfest 2012 with DOOM (UK), Deafheaven (USA), xViciousx (BE), No turning back (NL), Hierophant (ITA), Integrity (USA/BE), xKINGDOMx (USA), Rot in Hell (UK), Vanna (USA), Wrong Answer (USA) + more bands tbc. @ JOC 't Perron, Fochlaan 3, Ieper. Freedom in Fire Kollektiv will be there with the political part of the distro - check it!

18/02/2012 - The Oppressed (Oi!) @ La Zone, Quai de l'Ourthe, Liège. €10. Start 20h.

18/02/2012 - Sons of Disaster (rock'n'roll), Goatclocks, Refused Party Program (punk/noise), Hangmans Chair (stoner/metal), Lenght of Time (metal/hc) @ Magasin 4, Avenue du Port 51B, Brussels. Doors 18h. €10.

18/02/2012 - RMP Fest 2 : Punkrock edition, with Pentimento (usa), Light years (USA), Gino's Eyeball (BE), Arizona (BE), Off the Charts (BE), The Dutch Rudders (BE) + maybe more tba @ JH Sojo, Eenmeilaan 35, Leuven. €6vvk, €8 add.

21/02/2012 - Peter Pan Speedrock, TMT @ Péniche Inside out, Quai Van Beneden, Liège.

24/02/2012 - Guttermouth (punkrock USA), Face the Fax (skatepunk), The Priceduifkes (punkrock) @ JH Sojo, Eenmeilaan 35, Leuven. Doors 19h, First band 19h30. €10 vvk, €13 add.

24/02/2012 - Caliban (GER), All Shall Perish (USA), eyes Set to Kill (USA), We butter the bread with butter (wtf? GER), Attila (USA) @ Muziek-O-Droom, Hasselt. Doors 19h. €16

25/02/2012 - Alkerdeel (cd-release), Celeste @ Decadance, Ghent. Start 20h.

25/02/2012 - Antisect (UK 80's crust/anarchopunk), Last Legion Alive (stenchcore BE), Al²ruin (stonercrust BE), Deafenestration (crust BE) @ JH TIJL, Begijnenstraat 1A, Diest. + Afterparty till early morning. More info tbc.

25/02/2012 - Hardcore Help Benefit show with Nasty, Crawlspace, Surge of Fury, The Setup, Personal Vendetta, Enemy Ground (NL), Blade, Get it Done (GER), Fatal Move, Blindside, A Point of Protest @ JC Vizit, Heistraat 34 A, Wilrijk. First band 12h!

25/02/2012 - Irony (demo release, metalpunx from Brussels), Drunk (crossover Antwerp), Deserter (local thrash) @ The Chain, Roodebeeksteenweg 270, St.-Lambrechts Woluwe. Free entrance, cheap drinks!

26/02/2012 - Sand Creek Massacre (hc/crust NL - Last show), Boredom (hc/d-beat Austria), Geranium (epic crust France), Finisterre (intense hc/dbeat Germany), Siphilisation (doomcrust with violin BE) @ De Onderbroek, Tweede Walstraat 21, Nijmegen, NETHERLANDS. + Vegan food, distros, DJ, info/political stands.

27/02/2012 - Burning heads (reggae/punk/rock FRA), The Rebel Assholes (punkrock FRA) @ Magasin 4, Avenue du Port 51B, Brussels. Doors 19h. Ends at 22h!


02/03/2012 - One Trax Minds (ITA), Off the Charts, Silver&Gold, Forgotten Sailors, The Dutch Rudders @ OJC Kompas, Driekoningenstraat 48, Sint-Niklaas. Start 19h, End 01h.

02-03-04/03/2012 - Equal Fest II @ 1 in 12 Club, Bradford, ENGLAND. Benefit for womens rights group, bands with at least one female member.

03/03/2012 - X-press (punkrock, éénmalige reunie), Axxident (punkrock), Rejected Bastards (reunieshow), Coplèmp, The Backbones @ JH De Container, Industrieweg 6, Peer. €3, start 20h!

08/03/2012 - Uncommonmenfrommars (punkrock FRA), Dirty Fonzy (punk/rock FRA), Pignition (rock BE) @ Magasin 4, Avenue du Port 51B, Brussels. Doors 19h.

09/03/2012 - 10th anniversaryfest The Usual Suspects (anarcho-ska-dub-punx) - Venue and support TBC!

10/03/2012 - ALTERNATIEVE BOEKENBEURS / ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR @ ' De Centrale', Kraankindersstraat 2, GHENT. Lectures, workshops, performances and all the anarchist propaganda you'd like! FREE ENTRANCE !! Opens at 10h, ends around 19h. Bar downstairs stays open. At 21h there's a benefitparty for the bookfair at the bar on the main floor (same building as the bookfair) with Skatchou Bottos (ska-swing), Den Hoed (ska-jazz-blues) and DJ Twan Caravan (ska-balkan-early reggae-klezmer).

16/03/2012 - Madball (USA), H2O (USA), Deez Nuts (AUS), First Blood (USA), Devil in Me (POR), Strength Approach (ITA) @ Trix Antwerpen. Doors 18h, first band 19h. €18!

24/03/2012 - Capital Scum (Hageland hardcore), Bruce (Hageland garagepunk), The Red Light Rumours (Hageland rawk&roll) @ Club B52, Aartrijksestraat 92, Eernegem. €5. Start 20h.

24/03/2012 - Oilsjt Omploft 3 with Gewapend Beton (hcpunk NL), Bliksem, Citizens Patrol (NL), Evil invaders, Karel Anker en de Joden (NL), Toxic Shock, The Loveables @ JH Ter Linden, Raffelgemsestraat 8, Aalst. Presale €5, Doorprice €7. Doors 17h, Start 17h30!

26/03/2012 - Grind your head Fest part 1 with Mucus (BE), Squash Bowels (Poland), Trepand Dead (fr), Blood I bleed (HOL) + 2 more tba @ L'Aterlier Rock, Huy. More info tba.

31/03/2012 - Mortijn's b-day bash with Nahende Vernichtung (d-beat'n'roll), Irony (metalpunk), Ekzeem-a (kromcore) + more tba @ Vort'n Vis, St. Jacobsstraat 3, Ieper.


11/04/2012 - Free punkrock show : Face the Fax, Have Nots (USA) @ Café De Geniepegen Drauk, Sint Jorisstraat, Aalst. Doors 19h, start 20h. Free show! Organized by rock'n'load concerts.

12/04/2012 - Tagade Jones (punk/hc/rock FRA) + more tba @ Magasin 4, Avenue du Port 51B, Brussels. Doors 19h. €8.

14/04/2012 - The Absolutists (hc/crust IRE) @ Venue TBA, Aalst. More bands TBC

15/04/2012 - Parabellum (FRA), René Binamé (punk/chansons) @ Magasin 4, Avenue du Port 51B, Brussels. Doors 19h. €8

21/04/2012 - Bristol Against Racism presents : Fundraiser for Antifascist Prisoners with The Oppressed (Oi!), Oi Polloi (anarchopunk), Bottlejob, Defcon Zero, Muff Said, True Valiance, Spanner, Grand Collapse, Criminal Mind @ The Fleece, Bristol, ENGLAND. Ticket = 10 pounds adv. 13 pound on the door.

28/04/2012 - 3 YEARS FREEDOM IN FIRE : Bands, karaoke + more tba... . @ venue TBC

30/04/2012 - Insidious Decrepancy (brutal death metal USA), Putridity (brutal death metal ITA), Perverse Dependence (brutal death metal RUS), Serial Butcher (brutal death metal BE), EBDB (same as the rest, BE) @ Frontline, Overpoortstraat 37, Gent. Doors 18h, €10.


02/05/2012 - Oi Polloi (punk as fuck SCO), Billy Liar (acoustic) + more tbc @ venue TBA, LEUVEN

11/05/2012 - The Zygoma Disposal (deathcore/mathcore BE), Where we Fall (metalcore GER), We eat the cat (drunk hardcore BE) + more tba @ Vort'n Vis, St. Jacobsstraat 3, Ieper. Start 19h. €5.

18-19/05/2012 - Slow End Fest : Antiseen (USA), Verbal Abuse (USA), Blind to Faith (BE/NL), Obnoxious Youth (SWE), Catheter (USA), Resurrectionists (GER), Wolfbeast Destroyer (UK), Streetwalker (USA), Villainy (NL), Dodsfalla (USA), Scheisse Minnelli (GER), Aunt Acid (NL), Feast (NL), Alpinist (GER) + 14 more @ Perron 55, Venlo, THE NETHERLANDS. 1 day ticket €15, combi ticket €25.

25-26-27/05/2012 - Le festival des Tanneries / Maloka : Oi Polloi, Inner Terrestrials, Pain, Usual Suspects, Angry cats, Fertil Miseria, 20 minutes de chaos, Psycho Squatt, Radical Dance Faction, Le prince Ringard, Hard Skin + more tbc!! @ Space autogere des Tanneries, Dijon, FRANCE

15-16/06/2012 - Bristol Punx Picnic 2012 : 3 days, 3 venues, over 20 bands, punx picnic on Saturday. With so far : Lost Cherrees, The KADT, Autonomads, Faintest Idea, Black Star Dub Collective, 2 sick Monkeys, Dead Subverts, Spanner, Hacksaw, Richard heads, Hater UK, The Migraines. On Friday @ The Cavern, St. Nicks market (The Crown), on Saturday @ The Croft, Stokes Croft, on Sunday @ venue TBC. BRISTOL, ENGLAND.

29+30/06/2012 Cry me a River festival 2012. Bands TBC. @ W6 / Peckeloh, Germany. Bands, vegan food, distro's, camping available.

07/07/2012 - New Noise Festival 7 : Defeater, Graf orlock, Church of Ra showcase, Raein, Brutality Will Prevail, Celeste, Alpinist, Trapped under ice, Masakari, Vestiges, Aussitot Mort, Sailing on, Nine Eleven, The tidal Sleep, TRC, Birds in Row, Downfall of Gaia, Man vs. Humanity, Code orange Kids, Agitator. @ Zirkuszelf Ostauepark, Karlsruhe, GERMANY.

12,13 and 14/07/2012 - Obscene Extreme @ CZECH REPUBLIC, 69 bands in 3 days. Confirmed so far : Nasum, Discharge, Asphyx.

20,21 and 22/07/2012 - Fluff Fest 2012 @ CZECH REPUBLIC

08/09/2012 - Grind 13 times - Fest with Plague Rages (grindcore Brazil), Matka Teresa (grindcore Holland), Agathocles (mincecore legends BE), + more TBC @ Venue TBA, GEEL, Belgium.

04,05 and 06/10/2012 - Chaosbar Crust Festival #2.

12-13/10/2012 - Bloodshed Festival @ Dynamo Club, Eindhoven, the NETHERLANDS.

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