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Sunday, December 11, 2011

LAUTSTURMER - Out of my mind out of luck (Not Enough)

AVON LADIES – Power Failure (SYG)
ARCTIC FLOWERS – Crusaders + Banshees (Inimical)
GET DESTROYED – Pyramid Climbers (625 Thrash / To Live a Lie)
BORED STRAIGHT – Wasted (Data Control)
SICK CHARADE – Lock Up (Self-Released)
BEARDAGE – Rattus Humanus (Self-Released)
MUKEKA DI RATO – Festa Jovem (Laja / Give Praise / MCR Company)
UNRULED – Forced Mistake (Schizophrenic)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - The Things I Know (Doomtown Sound / Power Blaster)

U.K. SUBS - Rockers (Gem)
THE VIBRATORS - Yeah Yeah Yeah (Columbia)
THE USERS - Sick of You (Rave Up)
THE DISCORDS - Dead Cubans (Redrum)

THE REGISTRATORS - Scratch Your Heart (Rip Off)
THE EXPLODING HEARTS - Modern Kicks (Screaming Apple)
WHITE FLAG AND TONY ADOLESCENT - Demolition Girl (Sympathy)
LOLI AND THE CHONES - Summer of Love (Repent)

NO RESPONSE - Plastics (How Much Art Can You Take?)
INFECT - Todas Temos (625)
BRAT PACK - Mall Rats (Dirty Faces)
GENERACION SUICIDA - untitled track
TV FREAKS - Never Finish What You Started
LAST LAUGH - Warning / Every Day Struggle / Friend of Mine

TEAR IT UP - It's Fucking Dead (Havoc)
OUR GANG - Broken Roads (Jack Roy)
JUNGE FRONT - Junge Front (Blastic Concept)
RAZORxFADE - Needle & Thread

THE FREEZE - Food Lava (Modern Method)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Your Fired I Quit (Deranged)
THEE MIGHTY CAESERS - P38 Saturday Night Special (Crypt)
DEVIL DOGS - Sweet Like Wine (Crypt)
THE SPITS - Cha Cha Love (Slovenly)
BURNING LOVE - Don't Ever Change

THE ANEMICS - Radio Rebel (Live)
RAW NERVES - S=Klogw (Inimical)
FEAR OF EXTINCTION - An Idol Bastard (Phobia)

Demo Feature
PREGNANCY SCARES - Nightwalker (Self-Released)
PREGNANCY SCARES - (Not) the Rat (Self-Released)
PREGNANCY SCARES - Don Try (Self-Released)
PREGNANCY SCARES - Rattus Rattus (Self-Released)
PREGNANCY SCARES - Reptile Race (Self-Released)
PREGNANCY SCARES - S.E.L.F.C.O.N.T.R.O.L. (Self-Released)
PREGNANCY SCARES - Mutant Creature Sixty Nine (Self-Released)
PREGNANCY SCARES - Deathmachine (Self-Released)
PREGNANCY SCARES - X-Ray my head (Self-Released)

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