sabato 17 dicembre 2011

[Dissident Island Radio] tune in tonight! 9pm+ episode 95...

Dissident Island Radio - 16 December 2011 - episode 95 - live 9pm+:

- Traveler Solidarity Network on moving beyond Dale Farm
- A former Foxconn employee speaks about the dirty secrets behind our
- Prisoner info for comrades behind bars over the holidays
- A few other juicy morsels

You're guaranteed to hear some banter, bollocks, 'choons, announcements and the
shouts and heavy footsteps of the Red n Black yuletide celebration overhead -
PLUS an early-90's mega-mix from the D*I crew.

Click here to tune in:

It's gonna be great.



DOWNLOAD THE PREVIOUS SHOW - Episode 94! featuring:

* an interview with a picketer and witness to the Dalston arrests on N30
* a full and frank discussion with Marty, involved in the Occupy London process
* voices from the N30 S. London picket lines on outrageous pension reform and
government cuts
* Richard Minns explaining the ins and outs of public and private pensions,
their relation to financial markets
* Tracks from Cop on Fire, David Rovics, Little Erris - and DJ Ursa wraps it up
with a bassy mash-up

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