venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

Benefit Album for Arrestees in Chapel Hill Building Occupation

From Crimethinc

In a gesture of cross-coast solidarity, Underground Reverie, Seattle’s premier anarchist electronic ensemble, is pleased to offer their four-song debut release as a benefit for arrestees at the high-profile building occupation in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The release is free, of course—but if you can, please show your appreciation by making a donation to the arrestees' legal fund. To do so, go to Paypal and donate to the email address ‘’; further inquiries can be addressed to that same email address. Learn more about the arrestees here.!/profile.php?id=100003205442473

One of these songs appeared in the CrimethInc. video coverage of the aforementioned building occupation. Since this is the digital age, we can already offer a review of the release, courtesy of Seattle’s excellent Tides of Flame [PDF]:

“Underground Reverie’s debut album is throbbing, haunting, and completely amazing. Samples from helicopters, owlish flutes, various films (including Network), and eerie old songs flesh out a skeleton of delicate electronic beats. The music is as much about the horrors of civilization as it is about the raw beauty of struggle. In the liner notes, UR reflects on anarchist praxis and encourages us to keep fighting.”

Contact Underground Reverie:

--Underground Reverie
“Out of Isolation and into the Fray”
Four-Song Debut [27MB]

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