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Arm Your Desires#6 3-4-5 of Augoust 2012

Ανακοινωνεται απο τωρα η ημερομηνια για το φεστιβαλ περισσοτερο για ενημερωση και επικοινωνια με μπαντες του εξωτερικου!Επισης οπως αναφεραμε σε προηγουμενη αναρτηση το μυαλο μας ειναι ΚΑΙ στο επομενο arm your desires fest μιας και τα λεπτα οι ωρες και οι μερες που περναμε μενουνε χαραγμενες και διατηρουντε για ενα χρονο μεχρι να ανανεωθουν στο επομενο!
να μαστε ολοι καλα πανω απ'ολα και θα υπαρχει ενημερωση για οτιδηποτε!

Ο πυρηνας της ομαδας Arm your desires Fest

προτασεις,ιδεες και επιθυμιες στο

The date is announced for the Arm Your Desires #6 Festival just for information and communication with bands outside greece!Important is bands that want to join us first to communicate with us in our so we can know and discuss issues that are important for the ethics and ideas of the fest,for your trip here in greece(expences and stuff)
Some info for the fest
The arm your desires fest is a self organised fest meaning all the issues around diy,meaning without sponsors and any commercial things!diy for us is any person as individual that act for organisation and helpfull servise of others without self benefits!(do it together it would be better but we dont want to make or use or deal with any lebels and stuff!)
Arm your desires fest is a three days fest in the centre of greece during the middle of summer with free entrance as we dont want to put any more burdens to people that love music and especially political music!arm your desires is working by our money and anyone that wants to contribute and by selling in low prices drinks food and stuff untill now we have cover every needs we had!(about food just to know for any misunderstoods theres a big meal every noon of every day during the fest free and with free contribution!)
Also we try to make this fest every year more and more good organised also about sound(every year we use full system about 10-12 killlo watt) and you can ask friends around greece and from other foreighn bands that have play here you may know as Activa propaganda,Alpinist,Bernays Propaganda,Hazarder and others you can check here!
We want to make this fest more strong as the music with all the ideas it express is strong!

Arm Your Desires core crew

more info,opinions,ideas and desires to our

ps:excuse us for our bad english,etsi?


Η Φωτό Μου

Arm Your Desires

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