mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

Cry Me A River 2009 DVD

Here is my rip of the CMAR'09 DVD-R, I hope I did everything right. The video & sound - quality of the dvd isn't that great, not really better than the typical live videos that you can find on Youtube. But I think it's ok for those who've been there and wanna see the spectacle again or if you just wanna get an impression of the festival.

Artists: Shikari, Battle of wolf 359, June Paik, Graf Orlock, Danse Macabre, Me & Goliath, Hammers, Ghostlimb, Dolcim, Trainwreck, Louise Cyphre, Zann, Alpinist, The 3rd Memory, Ghostchant

Title: Cry Me A River Festival 2009
Format: DVD-R
Label: React with protest
Year: 2009
Genre: Screamo, Hardcore
Length: 159 min
Size: 700 mb


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