domenica 4 marzo 2012

Trainwreck / Hammers / Light Bearer / Battle of Wolf 359 LONDON 17/03

this will be at The Black Heart in Camden, upstairs.

Driven, fast, heavy DIY punk/hardcore/screamo from Germany featuring ex/current members of Eaves, Glasses, the 244GL and Engrave.Three increasingly brutal full lengths, and split releases with Comadre, Ghostlimb, Zann and more. Their most recent release, "If There's Light, It Will Find You" (Vitriol records) is atrociously good, and a highlight of being alive

Legendary Manchester atmospheric D-beat hardcore band are back! One of the few UK shows they're doing before their European tour. New release out this summer; expect new material...

Members of Lich/Me & Goliath thrashing it out. Ultra crushing and ridiculously catchy. One of few shows they play these days. Fucking brilliant

Melodic post-hardcore, progressive metal, post-rock and ambient atmospheric drone spanning an all-encompassing art, music and narrative project. So many adjectives, so good.
Ex/current members of Dinomania, Volatile Youth, Plague Mass, xZieglerx, Momentum & Fall of Efrafa

Doors at 7:30pm, first band on 8pmish

Distros welcome, expect vegan cake.

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