venerdì 9 marzo 2012

Radio Fango FM: streaming / Podcast puntata di giovedì 08 marzo 2012

Playlist giovedì 08 marzo 2012 - (dalle 22:00 alle 23:00)
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OUR CEASING VOICE (from: "when the headline hit home" LP / dld: )
CRY HAVOC (from: "a feast for the crows" LP on Phobia Rec.)
HORDES (from: "abarognosis" LP on King Of The Monsters Rec.)
WITCH CULT (from 7")
BEAR TRAP (from "nailed shut" 7" on To Live A Lie Rec.)
Some songs from VA - Casa de diversion - Covers vol. 1 ( click here for free download )
HEARTLESS - anthem for the undesiderables (HIS HERO IS GONE)
BEAR TRAP - wave of mutilation (THE PIXIES)
HEADWIND - girl problem (SOA)
LOW PLACES - deathcrush (MAYHEM)
UNLEARN (from: LP on Deranged Rec.)
OLD WOUNDS (from: 7" on Ride The Fury Rec. / RDG Rec.)
BLANK PAGES (from: 7" on Taken By Surprise Rec.)
COLUMBO (from: demo 2011)
CROOKED CROSS (from: 7" on Video Disease Rec.)
HEXIS (from: "XI" LP on Bloated Veins Rec. / Enjoyment Rec.)
OLD PAINLESS (from split 7" w/ Priapus )
PRIAPUS (from split 7" w/ Old Painless )
PLANKS (from split 7" w/ Narsaak on Decoy Industries Rec.)
NARSAAK (from split 7" w/ Planks on Decoy Industries Rec.)
SHOPPERS (from split 7" w/ Panzram on IFB Rec. / Feeble Minds Rec.)
SUBURBANITE (from 7" on Youth Attack Rec.)
AMENRA (from split 7" w/ Oathbreaker)
OATHBREAKER (from split 7" w/ Amenra)
MUNICIPAL WASTE (from upcoming "the fatal feast" LP on Century Media Rec.)

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