domenica 4 marzo 2012

Hello Bastards/Jagernaut-split tape 2012

Here is the split tape with the political punks Hello Bastards coming from several places of world and based in London, UK and the greek crusties Jagernaut: I posted the Uprising demo of Hello Bastards many moons ago ( there),check it to get an idea or visit their site for more, here they contribute thirteen songs of furious fastcore with angry shouted vocals spitting political messages and hyper-speeding drums, all songs are fast and short and only a few last over a minute. Jagernaut bring a six tracks of a sonic and lyrical journey into the nightmare of a post apocalyptic world, reminding early Extreme Noise Terror, the intro sample is the perfect threshold to their Apocalyptic crustcore mayhem. The split comes in green pro tapes in 200 copies and was released by a bunch of labels and distros, (Scullcrasher, Noise Attack, Alcoholic Disaster,), the cover made by Jerboa folds out and includes lyrics. This is offered for free in bandcamp but also available from the labels, buy a copy and support DIY scene.


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