domenica 4 marzo 2012

Filling dates for a few upcoming tours... (Sudor / La Urss, Neon Piss)

I'm working on a couple of tours right now and thought I'd throw these out there to fill out the last couple of dates! If you'd be interested in helping out with a show, please drop a line to Thanks!

SUDOR (spain) / LA URSS (spain)
Tues 3rd April -BRIGHTON
Weds 4th April - SHEFFIELD
Thurs 5th April - NEED HELP - Somewhere a bit further north ideally?
Fri 6th April - LEEDS
Sat 7th April - LONDON

STRANGE ATTRACTOR (canada - featuring all three members of Statues!) / NO PROBLEM (canada - Deranged records)
Do. 17.05.2012 Uk LONDON
Fr. 18.05.2012 Uk IRELAND
Sa. 19.05.2012 UK IRELAND
So. 20.05.2012 Uk LEEDS
Mo. 21.05.2012 Uk NEED HELP - Somewhere within a reasonable drive (under 4 hours or so) from Dover.

Fr. 08.06.2012 Uk LONDON
Sa. 09.06.2012 Uk SHEFFIELD
So. 10.06.2012 Uk SCOTLAND
Mo. 11.06.2012 Uk LEEDS
Di. 12.06.2012 Uk NEED HELP -Again, somewhere towards Dover would be ideal!


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