sabato 10 marzo 2012

Brighton Punx Picnic 2012

There might be one or two last minute additions, but otherwise this is the final lineup, running order and shit soon…

Friday 20th April

Oi Polloi, Constant State of Terror, Usual Suspects, Brain Jelly, State Icons, Cop On Fire

Saturday 21st April

Headjam, Contempt, Dead Subverts, Piss On Authority, Matt Black and The Emulsions, Lack of Joe, Filthy Habits, Primeval Soup, Social Schism, Richie Blitz, Perkie, Suicide Si, Harrison Wilde, The Last Laugh

Sunday 22nd April

Inner Terrestrials, Left for Dead, Sporadics, Spanner, Bored of Justice, Refuse/All, MoCara, Corn on the Rob, Blatoidea

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