lunedì 19 marzo 2012

Arrestum 2012 European Tour Help Needed!!

Finnish crust band Arrestum is touring Europe in August and we need your help. If you can set up a show or help us in any level contact us arrestum [ at ] or send a private message. You can download and listen our tunes in here: Any help is appreciated.

These are the dates:

1.8. Baltic / Poland HELP NEEDED.
2.8. Baltic / Poland HELP NEEDED.
3.8. Baltic / Poland HELP NEEDED.
4.8. Poland HELP NEEDED.
5.8. Poland HELP NEEDED.
6.8. Czech
7.8. Czech
8.8. Czech
9.8. Czech or Dresden, Germany (?)
10.8. Germany HELP NEEDED.
11.8. Germany HELP NEEDED.

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