lunedì 12 marzo 2012

Accept The Darkness Fanzine.

Accept The Darkness Fanzine. Contact: eggmangel(at)

Issues #5-8 available, all others gone.

#5: Firmeza 10/Absurdo/Silenzio Statico Tapes/Distort Fanzine/Lebenden Toten/Record & Fanzine Reviews- Spring 2011, 20 pgs. $3ppd/$4 world

#6: Crimen De Estado/School Jerks/The Men/Hank Wood & the Hammerheads/Crazy Spirit/Dawn of Humans/Perdition/Writing about Fanzines/Record Reviews- Summer 2011, 20 pgs $3ppd/$4 World

#7:Lebenden Toten/Disclose/No Fucker/Vile Gash/Big Boys/Pictures/Record Reviews- Summer 2011, 20 pgs, split w/ RATCHARGE fanzine $3ppd/$4 World

#8: Brown Sugar/ Condominium/ Total Control/ Pictures/Tape & Record Reviews- Winter 2012, 28 pgs $4ppd/$5 World (Wholesale $2.50, everything else, wholesale $2)

Future intentions: 12-20 page issues with coverage of Vile Gash, Avon Ladies, Ilegal, NYC scum, more mutant rockers and various other garbage and nonsense.

Paypal US dollars to the email address above, with your address and the issues you want. Or just get in touch. Read "Mutant Rock" in Maximum Rock'n'Roll.

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