martedì 15 novembre 2011


In 1989, after a number of police raids on their warehouse in King's Cross, they left the country and travelled to Germany where they became notorious for building giant sculptures out of old machinery and car parts, one of which was a giant figure, utilizing a VW Beetle for the chest, doing a 'v-sign' over the Berlin Wall. The authorities went totally paranoid over it. "Major fun" says a mutoid-member!

"What a massive thing. Can you recognize the VW-Beetle in the centre? Well as you can see me in the corner down, I was amazed, when in 1989 - just before the Berlin Wall came down - I found myself in collaboration with the builders of this wonderful giant. The concept was Robin Cooke's and the MUTOID WASTE team. It was meant as a gift to the East and West Berliners and should pass through the wall. This 'peace and love project' was carried out during a three week camp at Görlitzer Park and without any monetary help, only scrap materials were used. "

"My all time favourite has to be 'Volkswagen-Man', his chest made from a Volkswagen Beetle. We left it looking over the Berlin Wall; six weeks later the wall came crashing down. The sculpture was undoubtedly good but I shall never forget the hysterical fun we had doing it. East German soldiers were running around interrogating us, they were totally freaked out by what we might do. The Droid was offering a Silver Bird of Peace to the East (a VW bonnet cut in half for the wings) and they honestly believed we were going to fire it over the wall with a secret rocket."

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