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WEDS 30th Nov 8pm onwards: Pitchless internet radio - details

After tripping with an interstellar fugitive, Pitchless Radio moves beyond the Ovens and the Garden of Delights to inspire confidence once more on iLL FM this Wednesday 30th November from 20:00 – Midnight (ish). ‘Ooh the thrill and hurting’…

Tonight we showcase sets from 3 artists associated with the French core record label Tri-P, and welcome back our friend from Leeds, DJ Cutbak, to break it up and rep for UK hardcore.

Tune in at


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DJ CutbaK (vinyl DJ mix)

In a bubble of his own stuck between reality and society he finds his safe place sandwiched within music and anything the world has to throw at him!

Martin started playing records around 1995, and found himself on a journey through various musical styles from old skool to trance to whatever else he could get his hands on until that fine day came when he came across his very first Deathchant record!

The rest is history: his first taste of the DJ side of life came from playing at Diehard in Leicester, and then has seen a varied path from dingy shit holes to free parties and a few of the UK's most upfront hardcore events.

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DJ Arkane (serato mix]

A graphic art and an executive of Tri-P Record. He is from Toulouse in the south of France, but lives in Paris.

He is a DJ since 1998. First he play hardcore breakcore. But since 2005 he mix more stuff hardtechno, acid techno, hard drum'n' bass, booty bass, hip hop turntablism. He loves the darkside of all music from everywhere and the technical of scratch and music. &

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Jere (traktor mix of his own material)

An artiste of Tri-P record. He is an awesome compositor since a long time. I am not sure he knows how long himself.

He composes hard electronique music in different styles, some style unclassified. Acid, acid core, speedcore, hardcore, industrial, noise, extratone, mashup, medley of all this style awesome. He has the punk style of the music in him.

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Jere vs Dr Blood (mix of their own material)

Dr Blood is another executive of Tri-P records, 32 years old and based in Paris, France. Born in Bordeaux, musically he comes from as free party background.

This mix was made at a Halloween party this year. [French language]

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Tri-P record is an hardcore breakcore industrial label since 2007. It is managed first by DJ Chiendelacasse, but since 2 years with Dr Blood and DJ Arkane.

We want to revive the french industrial hardcore music , like in 1996-2000. The label is inspired by the Michelson sistaz – Mouse and No Name - but with a breakcore side like Doormoouse and Bloody Fist.... For us this Hardcore is death now.

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As ever you can log into the chat room to articulate words, gestures, and robotic arms at

All sets will be archived to be listened to and downloaded at: &

Thanks to Yaculator for sorting out the Tri-P sets, and to all the musicians involved in this broadcast.

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