giovedì 17 novembre 2011

Finisterre [09.-21.November // Poland,Belarus, Czech, Austria]

"dark, but melodic Hardcore sorrounded by a heavy D-Beat drumming and fronted by a brutal female voice. FINISTERRE manage to create their own interpretation of modern crust by combining epic elements with sweet melodies and calm and contemplative parts turn into moments of anger and despair. The lyrics deal with current poltical issues like the EU-immigration policy and increase of surveillance in public and private spheres as well as they deal with more personal-politcal topics about heteronomy, sexism and death."

we. 09.11. BERLIN (d), Koma f , w/ family man, we are idols
thu. 10.11. POZNAN (pl), Rozbrat Squat, w/ ajks, we are idols
frid. 11.11. Warsaw : blockade of polands biggest nazi-demonstration!
sat. 12.11. GRODNO (belarus), tba
sun. 13.11. MINSK (belarus), 6a, w/ barrow, all day night, coat, i hold t. m.
mo. 14.11. BREST (belarus), tba, w/ i know, paingang + more
tue. 15.11. WARSAW (pl), Radio Roxy, w/ drip of lies
we. 16.11. LUBLIN (pl), tba
thu. 17.11. KRAKOW (pl), Kawiarnia Naukowa, w/ the fight
frid. 18.11. NOWY TARG (pl), Dudek, w/ the fight, czosnek, eden farewell
sat. 19.11. ROZNOW (cz), Liberation Fest, w/ the fight, sloth, remek
sun. 20.11. GRAZ (a), Sub, w/ kain
mo. 21.11. AUGSBURG (d), Ballonfabrik, w/class conflict

come by and have a drink with us!
i will be having my distro with me. In case you want something, let me know:

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