venerdì 18 novembre 2011

[Dissident Island Radio] hey hey, its 18th of November - get it into you

So, on tonights hamper packed show we've got all
sorts of goodies. For a healthy starter we've got some cats
comin' in, fresh from the Fortnum and Mason trial, which
finished yesterday. If that doesn't fill you up we've got
some people from in to talk to us about what's in the shiney
wraper for November 30th in London. To fill you up even more
we have the next part of our look at Squatting, which'll be
full of squaty goodness.
There will, of course, be lots of little treats along the way,
and to top it all off we've got a D*I
regular, DJ Delsa on the decks servin' up bass orientated
beats. Lovin' it, D*I

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And don't forget about our last show..

dissident island radio - episode 92 - 4 November 2011 - live 9pm+

after a dark week for class war and social justice, dissident island
presents a less than happy show, we have squash in the house talking
about the dreaded clause 26...

grow heathrow update us on their impending eviction and resistance.

we present the first of a three part series covering the criminalisation
of squatting in the Netherlands.

and finally the LAF debates on consensus decision-making.

but hold up it aint all bad, we have the very tall '10foot' mashing up the
digital air waves, helping us forget.

fkuc yer

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